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I am looking for wholesalers that work in Cobb, Cherokee and Fulton (NW) counties. I only target this specific area, but I am a serious CASH buyer. Please do not contact me about deals in other areas of the state or country because I am not interested. If you can bring me deals in my target market then I will definitely close them.

Shoot me a PM if you meet this criteria.

Hey butlersw3 email me or call 678-300-0932 i would like to work with you

I am located in the Atlanta area. I have been investing in Florida my whole career and Atlanta is really starting to sprawl with good investments and I am looking to see if there is anyone out there with any interesting information.

I’m looking for Atlanta properties also.

I’m looking to get started! I’m in the Savannah area and am looking to network with some established investors to learn the ropes and hopefully start out by bird dogging and/or wholesaling.

Please drop me a line!

Hi, my name is Erika
I am new to investing I’m wanting to get started with wholsales. I live in gwinnett county.
Was looking for a possible mentor to get advice from. Just recently finished a course by Steve Cook.

Good Morning Everyone,
I am a real estate investor who is looking for cash buyers in Atlanta to wholesale some properties.

Also, are forclosures good properties to wholesale?

Thanks :cool

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a diverse network of individuals such as an accountant, a Realtor, a Real Estate Atty, an appraiser, a “reputable” contractor and a person interested in buying properties with a network who has a sound exit strategy. My network has a great residual tool along with the exit strategy mentioned. Looking to combine networks and make great money!

I am a commercial real estate / business consultant and financier. We are not Brokers or Realtors. My job is to locate and secure commercial properties and offer them to our clients for sale at wholesale prices in a matter of days. Im looking to network and build a profitable relationship with all cash buying Investors and JV with Brokers, If you would like to purchase commercial property to rehab and hold for long term appreciation or cash flow, you have found an excellent and reliable source. The properties we acquire are off market unless otherwise stated and we will provide you with as much information as possible, including estimated market value, cost of rehab, cap rate, NOI, etc. we are concentrating our efforts on Georgia right now but are capable and motivated to network with like professionals nationwide.


Looking for rehabbers/investors/cash buyers for properties I have on the west side of 285 in Atlanta, Ga. PM me wih your contact info and interest.



I’m a youngster looking to get started but no mentors in my area. (Where do I look for one?) Ive been reading as much as I can a day on this site. I’m in Albany the southwest corner of the state. If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hello everyone,

I am looking for wholesalers in the Atlanta area. I am new to investing and looking to network with some of the people on this site. I look forward to talking to you soon, best of luck to all.


Hi All, New to the investing forums. I am an investor looking to network with pretty much everyone in the investing chain, but especially wholesalers who can bring me deals and experienced investors. Please message me. Thanks and looking forward to working together!

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We are looking for someone to help us in the Atlanta area with our Rent to Own homes.

We need someone to make and put up front yard and directional signs.

You will sometimes need to show the homes, but we often use lockboxes. If the prospects want to buy the homes,
we will prepare the documents and you can supervise the signing of the prospects and owners.

You will collect the first month’s rent payment from the buyer-tenants and give it to the owners (and forward the deposit to us).

You will only have to make 1-2 trips to each house, based on our experience.

We will pay YOU $500.00 (sometimes more) FOR EACH HOUSE. Easy money and you learn the Rent to Own business, too.

HI, All
I’m looking to purchase a multifamily property (duplex/triplex) in the Atlanta area this February. I’m looking to do a “lease to own” or “owner financing” deal with balloon payment due in 5 to 7 years. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Any wholesalers with slamming deals in Atlanta or Augusta send me an email. I’m open to talk. :bobble

How do I find an appraiser, commercial realtor, residential realtor, property manager, insurance company in Atlanta Ga? I am looking to purchase two things: 1. a house 2. a personal storage facility

Her’s a list of some agencies: Maxsell Real Estate Agency, Commercial Real Estate. Hope this will be helpful for you.

Looking to network, partner, and/or work with other Real Estate professionals in Georgia or elsewhere for that matter for mutually profitable opportunities

I have cash buyers ready