FORD.......Wall Street may finally be catching on!

Looks like we got some company today on our Ford stock pick!!!


You have provided some good information of Ford, but c’mon man you are beating this thing to death. Do you not have anything else to bring to the table or add to the forum? I think at this point we all know you are big into Ford.

Man…You are COMPLETELY missing the point here. This isn’t about beating something to death…It’s about a PROCESS…Which…If LEARNED can be REPEATED…OVER and OVER through out your life.

This investment…like ANY…has STAGES…By closely WATCHING these unfold your getting a RING SIDE seat at the turn around of a publically traded company. FORTUNES have been made doing this. These events occur in the life cycles of almost ALL companies If they are around long enough. Learning WHY they happen and WHAT occurs can make you a TON of money.

I get emails DAILY from people asking for updates. If your bored with it…



Well you used to post very informative information on other investments that I did enjoy but it seems lately all you can talk about is Ford. We all know your deep into Ford. All I am saying is what happened to the old FDJake?

The Old Jake is letting ANYONE who wants to… COATTAIL him on what will prove to be an incredible investment.

Sorry your so BORED with that!!

I can assure you…

Many are NOT!!!

We’ve entered a new phase here…For over a year Wall St. has IGNORED this company…NOW…That is changing…It’s still got a long way to go…but this is a PROCESS.

There is not a SINGLE investment idea that I have come up with in the last 5 years that will hold a candle to the returns Ford will bring me.

At some point I’ll probably get tired of responding to comments like yours and just not bother anymore. I had a mentor that TAUGHT ME THIS STUFF. I look at it like I’m paying it forward. God knows there aren’t enough people HERE to affect the stock price.

Here’s another guy you may have heard of. His name is Jimmy Rogers. He’s worth a FEW hundred million.
He invests in a VERY LIMITED way too. I’ll let him explain it to you. Then just MAYBE the light bulb will go off and you’ll understand what’s gong on here??

You mean what HOPE to be an INCREDIBLE investment.

I kind of LIKE the capitals every SO often. Seriously though you are BEATING this horse to death. Why not JUST start a new thread called FDJAKE’s FORD thread. Or send out a bulk email to MANY who are NOT bored with your CONSTANT pumping of FORD stock.


Lastly, how are you getting SO many emails when your EMAIL address is HIDDEN?


Yea…Me and GOLDMAN…We’re both…“HOPING”

I guess I’ll be “LUCKY” too…when it hits $25/share.

Believe it or not…I actually GIVE OUT my email address to people you send me INTELLIGENT PM questions.

YOU obviously don’t fall into that group.

Looking forward to you NOT reading anymore of my BORING updates!!

Looking FORWARD to you not POSTING anymore boring threads. Send out an EMAIL to your FORD groupies. I wonder if you are out AT other websites PUMPING your ONE stock pick. It is REAL easy to look smart when you ARE pumping one thing. You HAVE at least A 50/50 CHANCE of being right. In CASE you have not noticed your FORD threads are falling off of the front page of the FORUMS because NOBODY is repying to them ANYMORE. At least other posters in this forum are branching out and talking politics, or stock picks, but what can we look FORWARD to from YOU?? Look guys ANOTHER link to an ARTICLE about FORD from fdjake. SURPRISE.

Is it because FORD is the one THING you have MAY have been right about? SERIOUSLY it must be VERY boring to SIT at your computer SCREEN all day and watch FORD’s stock go up and down. Or even worse trolling the INTERNET for positive articles ABOUT FORD so you can have something to post HERE.

Now that I know it ANNOYS you…I’ll be sure and keep you updated REGULARLY!!!

For anyone else here (WITH a clue) I post these updates because I KNOW people HERE have purchased shares in Ford with REAL HARD EARNED MONEY. At least a small part of that decision may have been based on some of my posts.

I got you into this…I’m sure as hell going to at least UPDATE YOU on how things are going and give you any info I find. What the hell kind of person would I be if I didn’t at least FOLLOW THROUGH. It would be no different than talking you into buying your first rehab with DETAILED info about the property and how you can make a ton of money rehabbing it…Then WALKING AWAY from you at the closing…just when the real work is about to start…


No more phones calls…WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

As far as a 50/50 chance???..Or…even better… “You sit in front of a computer pumping one thing”

The thought process behind those statements say MORE than I could…W O W!!! It’s MIND BLOWING how LITTLE some people understand about investing.

50/50 chance Or…Stock manipulation by way of REAL ESTATE FORUMS of a company with MILLIONS of shares in the float and HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of shares traded DAILY!!! YEP…You caught me!!! I give up…My plan for world domination is now ruined.

Chris…Stick to doing MORTGAGES!!!

P L E A S E …For all our sakes!!

fdjake, I have been following your post for over a year now and truely believe you are a man of your words. Im a novice investor in real estate and the stock market, but I have learned a lot of information about investing from your posts. Others may be tired of reading about Ford…BUT I’M LOVING IT! I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge with others.


Thanks Keysha,

It’s folks like you that keep me posting this stuff.

I HONESTLY feel that I have a sort of obligation to see this through since I started it. I also have yet to see ANYONE ELSE produce a LONG TERM STOCK recommendation on this forum and follow it up with any type of updates or theories. We got plenty of people trading in and out of everything…But where’s the stocks you BUY and hang onto for a few years???

I enjoy helping people…It’s what I do for a LIVING.

A member of this Forum recently sent me a PM about a problem he was having with a car he owned. (He knew I had been a car dealer from my posts and wanted to know if I had seen his particular problem) We managed to get him squared away very quickly and he fixed his problem himself for FREE. BUT…I also informed him of a CHRONIC problem that his vehicle has that can lead to a $5000 repair bill. The cost to fix this problem BEFORE it occurs is $200…Of coarse I warned him about it…How could I not???

He emailed me today…Car is having that potential problem fixed. He thanked me for the advice…

It’s sort of like FORD…I’m just passing along INFORMATION!!!

E V E R Y O N E W I N S !!!

Well not everyone I guess…I DO have to listen to the occassional DOPE (The yawner…GREAT comeback by the way). But I guess I can live with that!!!


You can personally attack me all you want. I find it amusing especially with the way you TYPE in SOME capitals. Just as I find it amusing HOW you fell off THE radar when FORD was TANKING, but re-appeared from YOUR “month long vacation” during THE recovery.

If I HAD known you give out mechanics ADVICE as well as your ONE big stock pick I would HAVE never REPLIED to this thread. I think it IS great how you FEEL personally responsible TO see the 12 people WHO have bought Ford STOCK on your advice. Keep UP the good work. :bs

So what about gold? I still think we are headed for inflation.

Still not bored with the Ford updates as I hold shares and like to keep myself up to date. Also not bored with my 55.39% gain in just a few weeks. Will never get tired of gains like that.

For anyone reading this NOT chewing on an extension cord.

Let’s look back at PREVIOUS POSTS for the REAL STORY.

Went on vacation January 2 …check my last post ( I know going somewhere WARM in January is CRAZY TALK, but I did it anyway) Ford stock January 2 was $2.46/share.

Then according the the GENIUS…I came back during the “RECOVERY”
I guess just to make him look bad 3 months later???

Well there’s just ONE PROBLEM with that BRILLANT theory…

My next post (after my vacation) was on Feb 10. (go ahead check it) Ford’s stock was $1.82!!! WOW now THAT’S some kind of recovery!!!

It gets better…

On Feb 20th…Ford was $1.58!!!

Once again Chris has out smarted me…I REALLY spent my ENTIRE Vacation calling people and telling them to SELL their Ford stock. It crashed the price and I bought BILLIONS of shares when I got back at BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES…

Let’s imagine that CHRIS had ACTUALLY PURCHASED the stock at $1.58 on Feb 20th???

He’d look as smart as WE do now!!! (well maybe not THAT smart)

Ford today???

$4.40 or… 30 cents away from a 300% return. (the stock was even LOWER than $1.58 at one point)

He’s right…Why would any of us CARE about this???

As far as ONLY recommending FORD???

Someone go back and look at my post from OCTOBER 17, 2008!!! (just 6 months ago)


Goodyear today??? $9.80/share

Go back a little further and you can read WHY I thought TIRE COMPANIES like COOPER and Goodyear where bound to go higher. Maybe that’s what Keysha is talking about when she said she’s LEARNED A LOT from reading these posts!!!

Oh and Chris…

Anytime you want to KICK START any of my dead horse Ford posts, you go right ahead. My guess is this one’s gonna be REAL popular now!!!

We all know that if you actually OWNED some Ford stock …you wouldn’t be WHINING about these updates!! Sounds to me like your pissed you missed out and you don’t like being REMINDED of it!!!

The funny thing is I did buy Ford stock based on your recommendation. And all I did was tell you that you were beating a dead horse and as you ALWAYS do when you feel that someone is questioning you or doubting you on this forum you started with the personal attacks. Just like in many of your other posts the minute someone questions your ideas you come out with guns blasting. It is very obvious that you are a grumpy old man with very thin skin. If you really want to attack me why not go through some of my 1500 posts and pick out something real that I have said or done instead of calling me “Genius” or “Dope” or any of the other numerous personal attack words you have used. Until that time keep up with the Ford updates and the mechanics advice if that is what keeps you going in between your social security checks.

I find the fact that you are so riled up over this amusing. It is the end of the month and all of my closing are done so you have helped me get through a slow day. I think I will get back to that American revolution thread where you are verbally abusing other people who dare question your supreme knowledge of the world. :beer

I bet you have a bumper sticker on your car that says “Unions made this country great”.

I’m 43 years old by the way. If that seems OLD to you…Your mother called…Dinners ready.


You threw the first punch…If you then proceed to get your @ss kicked, don’t blame the guy you took a shot at.

I don’t take that sht from ANYONE. ESPECIALLY when I’m just trying to HELP others. I’m not making a PENNY passing this info on. If everyone on this forum ran out an bought Ford stock TODAY it might move 5 cents. Your comments were BULLSHT. You know it…and from the replies here…OTHER people know it.

If you had a real question GREAT…or just simply READ THE POST… that’s all it was there for. It really wasn’t meant to be a COMMENT GENERATING TOPIC…Goldman has a buy on Ford. We beat them to the punch. If you didn’t see the article…Here it is!!

I’m glad you own the stock…

I hope it does well for you.

I already HAVE that bumper sticker…and from the sounds of your other posts…


What a f*ckin hypocrite. Your old man made a GOOD LIVING from a UNION job, but now they suck right??? THEY FED YOU, paid your medical bills, your father got vacations, probably always had new cars too…You had a MIDDLE CLASS LIFESTYLE because those UNIONS got your father a wage he could LIVE ON.

Chris’s DAD worked for JEEP!!! A UNION JOB!!!

I got a bumper sticker for you…


My 2 cents:

I enjoy reading all of FDJAKES posts. So many people in his position don’t care to share their thought process and keep it to themselves. If nothing is in it for them they don’t see any point in sharing.

I bought a small stake in F and have enjoyed watching a nice return on my investment. I did exactly what he suggested use FU money. Hes not telling people to put their families in harms way following his advice. Hes simple explaining this process to us step by step. And I appreciate it. If I’m smart with my FU money and keep rolling over in the future it could became a nice life changing sum.

I don’t understand how people attack him for helping us and then don’t expect him to defend himself.

If you don’t like his style just don’t read his posts.

I hope that one of these days someone doesn’t drive him or any of the other posters that are here to help us away.

This was on the front page of

The new Ford Fiesta