For those who want to see a "guru" [Armando Montelongo] speak tonight...

For those who want to see/hear a “guru” [Armando Montelongo] speak tonight…he’s doing a webinar on the web. Please do me and yourself a favor and DO NOT buy any of his overpriced junk [the $50-$100 ebook or the $1000 ‘get rich quick’ or whatever kit] as you’ll be wasting your money. But…for those who are curious like myself…I’m gonna see what this guy has to say. I bet you a nickel he pitches his stuff right & left. I’m on his mailing list and I think I got 3-4 emails about ‘how excited he was’ to do this today alone. LOL.

It starts at 8pm eastern time

I’d rather watch that IDIOT Jim Cramer.

Another BOOB, who has NOTHING new to say.

Some of Jim’s GREAT predictions…

January 2007 "I want you all to buy just 2 stocks this year, Toyota (then selling at $135/share now at $119) and Goldman Sacks then trading at $230/share now at $195

Another all time favorite…June 2006 “You’d have to REALLY try hard to find a more terrible tire company than COOPER TIRE, these guy’s just don’t get it” June 06 $9/ Share…July 07…$24/share (Thanks Jim I bought 2000 shares at $10 because YOU hated the stock and rubber supplies were FLOODING the market and driving prices thru the floor, cheap raw materials costs can’t be good for a tire maker??? DUH!)


Montelongo is arrogant, treats people who work for him like dirt and my bet is they whole crew winds up going belly up when this bust lites up in Texas. These types of people NEVER learn.


No thanks I’ll pass, I hear Jim’s recommending HOME BUILDERS STOCK on tonights show!!!

i rather watch “no-name” investor youtube videos of real folks explaining their investments…

its a pitch…hide the credit cards…they’ll reveal enough to get u excited then BAM~~~

my 2 cents

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Dammit, I missed it. :bs

Anyone see it? Please share what was discussed…

I hope everyone that saw it washed their hands afterwards to insure sleaze removal!


Bleach bath would be best. I would have watched it…through a rifle scope.

I bought the 100 dollar books and while they seem usefull they leave me hanging for more info…

Really? Shocker!


im sorry Im new and dont know everything like sompeople I guess :banghead


You’re not hurt. If you only spent $100 on the books then you didn’t really lose anything. The gurus are famous for selling expensive courses, seminars, and bootcamps that promise to give you the “secret” to success. When you get to the expensive course, seminar, or bootcamp, the guru then upsells you to the next level of course, which costs even more because that is the level that the super insider secrets are revealed. However, when you arrive at that higher level course, they upsell you again to the insider platinum level course where the “secret” will finally be revealed. Unfortunately, THERE IS NO SECRET!

The “secret” to success with real estate investing is HARD WORK, PERSISTENCE, and DOING THE HARD WORK OF LEARNING THE BUSINESS. Please don’t give the “secret” away. That will be $25,000 please!!!


when I make my first million I will gladly pay you your 25k :bobble but really thanks for the insight, I am really learning alot here… :beer

Gurus are gurus are gurus…not a single one of them will tell you fully and completely how to do anything…this is because:

(1) They often don’t know

(2) The book would have to be tens of thousands of pages

(3) They can’t sell you more books


I heard that exact same thing on another message board…the $100 e-book is just a teaser to get you excited about his $1000 e-book. Damn, if Armando sells just a couple hundred of those $1000 e-books he’ll do fine. And I bet he will considering Flip This House had something like 4.2 million viewers, and you KNOW 1 out of 100 people are “suckers” [I think that figure is muuuuuuuch higher actually, LOL]…but if he sold books to just 1 out of 1000 [0.01%!!!] of the 4.2 million viewers…that’s 4200. If he sold 4200 e-books x $1000 = he would net a cool $4.2 million. But I doubt he’ll do that good. Then again, you never know. There is a sucker born every minute.

yes there is alot of suckers out ther but in turn there is alot of ambitious folks as well… to say anyone who has made a purchase towards their futer (wether good or bad) is a sucker is pretty lame. :bs I make a whole lot of money with my job but am wanting to broaden the way I make money, to say that is bieng a sucker says alot about you :flush

Hey “DaMan”, lighten up a bit man. Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder. We’re all friends here, well except for me and Pete. HA!!! J/K

I believe that purchasing information to further your career is a must. What everybody is saying here is that learning is good, paying somebody $1,000 for a book that is going to tell you the “secrets” or rehabbing… that person is a sucker. Be ambitious, but be cautious also. Stick around this site for a while, you will learn alot. I know I did!!


its all good… No chip either, just hang on alot of diffrent typ forums and always seems to be a bully or two… :beer

We're all friends here, well except for me and Pete. HA!!!! J/K

Pete does not have any friends. :beer

It’s cool Man. I have found that sometimes those bullies are a little rough around the edges, don’t have the popular opinion, and aren’t incredibly friendly and inspirational. At the same time I have learned a lot from them. I try to read between the “brashness”. Well, now I do. :beer :beer :beer

While I agree on Montelango being an idiot, im still wondering who watched it and did he just push selling his crap?