Sorry, folks, not sure what happened to Florida so I guess we’ll have to start it over. Thanks for understanding and patience.

Chris in Central Florida!

I am actively wholesaling in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Myers and Miami area!

If you are local get in touch and let’s network! We’re all in this and we’re all going to make it!

Hi, Molly from Clearwater here. I’m just getting started in investing, and am hoping to find some good contacts locally. I’d really like to find someone who has a bit of extra time they can mentor me a bit.
I’d like to start with flipping options, as I’ve read about them, and feel like they might be a good place for me to start as I’m a recently divorced single mom so I don’t really have a lot of capital to throw at getting started.
Thanks so much, I look forward to meeting locals!

Our investment group is interested in buying non-performing notes, single family residential, pre-foreclosure, owner occupied. Please contact me if you see an opportunity to work together.

I have some killer commercial deals of all sizes in various areas of Florida from North to South;
all are off market. Some large complexes, some smaller apartment buildings: all cash flow well.
If interested, message me and I’ll get back to you!

Hi Folks,
My company is Northern Property Preservation. We handle all aspects of residential or commercial trash out, repairs, lawn care and general maintenance. If I can help you let me know on this forum. We service Hernando, Pasco, and Pinellas counties and surrounding areas.

I am a RE agent in Orlando Fl. Come across great deals all the time. Inbox me should you be interested.

Hi Everyone!
We are looking to network with like mind individuals in the Pinellas County and surrounding areas.


Hello all.
I’m a newbie located in the Orlando area. I really cannot even call myself a REI just yet, I’m still trying to learn the business. I attended a seminar that introduced wholesaling to me and I’m very interested in learning more about how this all works. Any input on how to get started from some of you that know the business would be greatly appreciated. I’d love to see a few deal processes if anyone is interested in mentoring.

Hi from Vanessa and Shane in Pasco County.

I invested in RE from 1999-2007, and now in 2014 am looking to start again. Wholesale flips, subject-to, lease/options and RTO’s, maybe even short sales again if and when I learn the new ways of doing things.

Hi I m a newbie inJacksonville fl and I would like to work with other investors on the leads that I get since I am new I need someone to help me to structure those deals for a 50/50 split.let me know if you are interested.thanks

Hello Everyone. We have many CASH deals available in the Greater Jacksonville Area. All Deals are perfect for Rehab/Flips and Landlords looking to do a little repair work and have great returns. Let me know if you have any questions.

We’re also looking to buy some rehab deals for our own portfolio as well. So let me know if you have any great deals in the Greater Jacksonville Area.

Thanks and hope to speak with some of you soon! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone , I am looking for a duplex in broward. I need a place to care for Mom
and live right next door.



Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for a mentor in the Brevard (not opposed to working with someone in Orlando) county area who wouldn’t mind taking on a rookie. I have been reading a lot about investing and am ready to get me feet wet with wholesaling. Please PM if you’re interested in partnering up.


Hi does anybody know where i can find and investor to hire me as a bird dog? I would really like to start my career as a bird dog. Please anyone help!!!

Hi does anybody know where i can find and investor to hire me as a bird dog? I would really like to start my career as a bird dog. Please anyone help!!!

Hi does anybody know where i can find and investor to hire me as a bird dog? I would really like to start my career as a bird dog. Please anyone help!!!

Yes PM me

I’m looking to build a cash buyers list for investors interested in the Jacksonville and Saint Augustine area. I will be wholesaling some amazing deals. Anyone interested please PM me.

Thanks guys,
John Eamigh

Greetings my fellow Investors…I just joined the group, and would love to work with anyone of similar mindset.
I have access to private funds and need to connect with sellers with great numbers. It must make sense.
I am in the Tampa St.Petersburg area…would like to stay there at the moment. …
Looking for residential or commercial…let,s chat.

Looking to find properties for rehabbers,buy and hold landlords in the Tampa Area. Tell us your need we only you show you what you WANT.

Daniel K. Adderly

PM me for details