Eric Medemar's Wholesale Course

I’ve looked at a ton of real estate investment courses and am seriously considering buying Eric Medemar’s Wholesaling course. Does anyone have any experience with course in terms of its quality and is it really useful in providing the necessary info to become a successful wholesaler of real estate?

Eric tells it like it is. He provides great “nuggets” of information and the course is well worth the money. I have the original wholesale version and have used it many times.

Happy House Buying


Eric’s course is great.

After buying and selling nearly $15,000,000 in real estate I CAN’T NOT tell it like it is… I would have to lie to appear dumb…

Just about anything besides real estate I’ve got to lie to appear smart… So wholesaling is the exception to the rule. Thanks for the kind words guys.

I have Eric’s course and it is pretty good. It’s a lot cheaper than the other stuff that is out there and you get enough good information to get started right away.

Eric I have a question for you…What ever happened to Matt Shriver, (Aka property911expert) I haven’t seen him around nor has he posted on his blog since October of last year. I know that he has been in a car accident. Is he okay?

Quick question for Eric. I am from GR as well. I know you dont want to sell your products to potential competitors. Perhaps this is wishful thinking to ask your help but is there any other reputable courses you know of? FYI complete newbie here.

You guys are crazy if you buy this SH$$T Ask this guy to provide addresses to the properties he has flipped.

The best education you will get in life is free. Find a local investor that knows what he is doing, become his friend. If you live in NC PM me. I don’t have a course or “Mentor fee”, I have not a dime to make off of you. I have property record transfers that back me up.

Message to mods: Please get rid of these solicitors, so I can post again here!!


I am not sure why youre frustrated… Care to share? I have yet to figure out what is so bad about sharing what we know…

And I certainly dont mean to frustrate you with the question.


I’m pissed because this use to be a great forum, but scammers like your self have run off the real investors who use to give great real advice FOR FREE!!!

So I am a scammer… Really?

Wow… I thought I was a real estate investor who helped other real estate investors… Maybe I am narcissistic in thinking that I do… Maybe you’re right… lol Maybe you’re shallow and limited in your intelligence. Maybe just feeling sorry for yourself that you can’t find a way to help others and prosper. Maybe you’re just an angry person who has to live behind a screen name… Maybe you’re the kind of person no one wants to learn from anyway…

I do know what I am…

I am a bad ass real estate investor. I think over the many years and posts I have been here I have posted valuable information and proved I know that the “f” I am talking about. Heck at times I thought I was pissing off some that sold the information I posted. However those of you who are offended that I charge for my time, well that is stupid… Do you grow your own groceries and raise your own beef…

You keep calling those of us names who share what we know and also help for a fee, those who ask … Its this country’s mantra… What you do, you’re belittling and name calling… However it’s also my right oo…

You cower behind your pathetic comments yet have not the courage to stand up and acknowledge… Hey but you aren’t selling anything… Whatever…

You’re selling your opinion…

Are you that … Never mind…

I gotta go stuff envelopes now… I’ll buy you a drink if you ever make it to Bakersfield…

Dealed with like the professional you are Michael, my hats off to ya. HERB

Ok Michael here we go,

I’ll start first.

Here is my latest property. It’s a commercial garage I stole. I have an offer for 400K for it, which would net me 190 before taxes. If you want to see what I do, click on this link in a month and see.

Your turn “bad ass real estate investor”, if you are selling your services to newbies, than PROVE your real! I know you can’t!!

I’m only doing this because it bothers me so much to see people praying on newbies to pay them for worthless info. It makes me so sick that I won’t post in here.

John I agree with you but only to the extent that someone is truly being taken advantage of. But heck there’s enough cheap (even free) info out here now that it’s almost a non-issue in most cases; many courses are now available as digital downloads for cheep. If I were getting started now, before I go dropping more than $100 on information/training I’d be doing a ton of due diligence.

But I don’t blame them for charging for what they know. After being in this industry for a while and spending their own hard-earned cash on education, doesn’t it make sense that a successful investor would tire of having his/her valuable time drained and brain picked to death by every arbitrary Tom Dick & Harry who think they want to be real estate investors (up until they realize it actually does require WORK and they drift off to the next get-rich-quick plan)? If someone is gonna waste your time and pick your brain to death I say you may as well get compensated for it.

Everyone wants to be trained for free, but without any “skin in the game” they likely won’t do a darn thing with it. For example I used to loan out a 4-disc introductory course to my friends who claim they want to be investors, and not ONE of them even so much as listened to the program. They didn’t spend the $75 I spent so as a result they didn’t wear them CDs out like I did. I had skin in the game, they didn’t. Just like anything else in this world, perceived value depends quite a bit on paying some sort of a price; humans simply don’t place the same value on freebies as we do things that have a price. And the more successful a person is, the more they feel their time & expertise is worth.


I think you are missing my point, these guys (Eric and Michael) are not experienced investors. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have never owned property. And until they prove otherwise, I wish the mods would throw them off. They make me sick.


Just out of curiosity how many deals would it take for someone to become an experienced investor?

Would proof be recorded deals on a country recorders office website?

I have asked in the past, how many deals does it take for someone to offer their services as a mentor, maybe you can give me your view on this question.

John $Cash$ Locke

As someone who’s purchased Eric’s wholesale course as well as letters from MichaelQ, I have to say John_in_NC, you’re crazy.

Less than $100 for a good course with solid information is a good deal IMO. Sure, if you want it bad enough you could figure it out on your own without spending money, but when I was just getting started, it was totally worth the $97 or whatever Eric charges to have all of the information organized and put together in an organized and easy to understand fashion rather than trying to weed out good info from bad info, putting little bits of information from different places together, etc.

In addition to Eric’s course, I am also working with a local investor who’s helping me out when I need it, and I’ve made many connections through local REIA’s with other investors who I can bounce ideas off of or ask questions when I need to. I don’t think Eric or Michael are ripping anyone off, I think they’re both giving people a good place to start from and at a very reasonable cost as well.

It sounds (to me at least) like you’re so desperate to make yourself feel important or powerful that you need to try and drag other successful people down to make yourself look better. Get over it.

I highly recommend investing in Eric’s wholesaling course, and MichaelQ is always giving TONS of helpful information out on this forum as well as the other big REI forum, and the product he sells seem to be well worth the money (I’ve only bought 1 from him but am very happy with the letters I bought!)

Don’t you find it at least interesting that neither one of them has proven they are an investor yet to us?

DOESN’T"T ANYONE SEE THIS? They can’t post links like I can to public records because they are PHONIES!

Hello Cash…

I think the point John is trying to express is that he thinks his willy is bigger… Dont the docs call it the little willy syndrome?

I don’t care about his rant; 1) I am not interested in seeing if it is, I either would want to laugh or cry, and 2) I know how many deals I have done in the last 29 years so to have to prove seems rather childish.

I will continue helping people by houses as well as buy houses myself, heck I put 5 under contract last 10 days… I know I will do 3 more this week. So rather then be stressed by a simple minded I gonna go kill me some houses… I still think he may be jealous of those who have the wevos to do what we do…

I learned a long time ago that what people say doesnt really matter… Its what they do that counts…

Have a great week Locke…

BTW John do you remember the first time you kicked me off TCI… Its been a great ride…

Tell you what, just tell me the area you invest in and I’ll search the records under your name. Will you do that? I mean it is PUBLIC RECORDS so what are you hiding?

Who does deals in their own name? :huh