Does anyone even know (Mark Evans DM)

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Has anyone heard or participated in mark evans REVERSE REAL ESTATE INVESTING COURSE. I would love to hear how any of his students are doing with his course or has anyone heard any negativity about his course, i would appreciate any insight on his course.


Cleo, I received the Reverse Real Estate System this past weekend. Do yourself a favor, don’t purchase this piece of garbage. I listened to the audio thus far and I am requesting my money back. Mark may be making money with his system, but there is no way he is qualified to develope a course and sell it to the public for hundereds of dollars. I’m not even going to waste my time with the book. The course seems slapped together. The structure is horrible, Mark has a difficult time getting his points across because he doesn’t know what to say and how to teach. The only redeeming quality I see in this course is to play a drinking game with your buddies to the audio and to take a drink everytime Marks says, “simply”. He likes using the expressing “I simply…” when he doesn’t know what to say next. It’s a great buy if you want some quality unintentional comedy. Now, Mark said that he would refund money to anybody that was not satisfied with the course. Let’s see if he is a man of his word.

Hi jrsmitty21,

Well thanks for the reminder, but I took my chances with “joe crump” push button system I just bought it a couple of weeks ago and it is similar to mark evans but joes system is hard core explains it to the tee step by step live on the phone with his students showing you.
you need to take a look at it. (nothing like it) I am putting my first deal together this week.


I signed up for mark evan wholesale real estate deals for 197, they tricked me, they told me that they had 36 wholesale deals in my city, when i signed up a week later they said they sold them all. Joe crump real good guy, he is located in my city indianapolis, IN. So his course is decent? I was think about buying it. How much was it. I am wholesaler in indianapolis. I wholesale 1-2 deals a month, so what kind of deal are you putting together

Well I am assigning my lease option agreement this week to a end buyer for 3,500 and I never left my home.


I just got off the phone with Mark Evans. He is going to give me a refund of my money. I think he took it a little personal when I told him that the course seemed slapped together and didn’t have good structure. He told me I was “pissing my money away” with one of the other courses that I am involved in. He also told me that I will never be able to buy from him again. Needlese to say I wasn’t crushed by this news. Good for you getting that deal. And good luck in the future.

I just got an email confirming that I have been banned from any future purchases…ahahha.

lol If that’s true, that’s pretty immature of him.

It has been my experience and observation that a good many of those who have rei info to sell (whether the product is good or bad) believe that their poo doesn’t stink and is of higher quality than all others.

I’m listening to Mark on a teleconference now as I type this. I have to agree that he rambles on with very little useful information. I am still intrigued with his idea, though. Most gurus already say to have buyers waiting for houses you buy anyway but I’m wondering if Mark has new ways to get buyers into your database. It seems that the main idea of his system is to find buyers BEFORE finding the houses. Or is his stuff just a reiteration of common sense and what the other gurus teach?

I am tempted to stroke a check for his course out of curiosity but would be pretty p.o.'d if it is just a reiteration of what people like LeGrand, etc., already teach.

I was also wondering if anyone has any feedback onMark Evans DM Subject 2 courses? ???

I just ordered his New Book on Sat and got his Free Sub 2 course at and it looks good.

He claims the information sells for $397.00 by other educators?

I have been getting his e-mails for well over a year and never looked into his stuff until last Sat on his live call.

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you have heard about him and what you thought?

I appreciate any first hand feedback about him! :wink:

If his information is solid, then he needn’t worry about issuing refunds because the client will eventually come back.

I HATE people like this guy who farm for email addresses to send spam to. I have never signed up for any of his stuff, yet get hit with spam at least once a day from him. Very unprofessional, and to me reflects on the type of person he is.

I know Mark Evans personally, and the guy is a genius. I’m not just saying that because I’m featured in his latest book ;D Seriously, I’ve been sitting with the guy having dinner in Chicago watching one wholesale deal after another come through.

He is NOT good if all you’re looking for is a slick-talking salesman promising to solve all of your problems.

You’re darn skippy you’re off the list for good if you return stuff to him. He’s primarily about teaching people so he can actually DO DEALS with them. He’s really not interested in ‘customer service’- and if you want to chase him down for your $97 bucks or $197 or whatever rather than actually APPLY the material then you’re out of his life.

The latest book (did I mention I’m featured in it? 8) ) is a prime example of what he’s really about-- it’s down to earth, it’s real life, and it’ll help you if, instead of reading / listening to the material as a snobish “reviewer” or with a drunk-a** frat boy mentality you actually pay attention and apply the content to actual REAL ESTATE INVESTING in a systematic way. AND the book will help others because 100% of the proceeds from the book go to CHARITY-- Frank McKinney’s (also featured in the book- ) Caring House Project Foundation.

Michael Gerber- author of The E-Myth Revisited; and Kendra Todd (Winner of The Apprentice) are also featured in the book.

Bottom line is that I didn’t build WCRT peddling schlock from BS Artists; and I wouldn’t have participated as a contributor, or been featured in this book if Mark wasn’t the real deal.

Go get it- help yourself, and help a worthwhile charity: Do the bonus offer and give two of them away!


After doing about 15 minutes of “research” - here is what I found…

Mark’s latest “memorial day 2008” email supposedly sent from Florence Italy (Mark has been traveling the world for the last 2.5 years you know?) is a COMPLETE LIE.

In the email - he wishes his Mother Happy Birthday from Italy but my research found that his Mother’s birthday was NOT May 26. His Mother’s name is Beverly and her birthday is 11/14/1951.

Mark S. Evans is a 29 year old kid still wet behind the ears - born June 19, 1978. His last known address is:

51 Community Dr.
Kirkersville, OH 43033

Which is a 3/1 - 1,764 sf home worth $117,000 (My pool is worth more than this house).

The home is owned by a “Bennie Evans Jr. and Beverly Evans” - 59 and 56 yrs old respectively and right around the age of what could be Mark’s parents? I can’t be sure but I would bet they are his parents.


Maybe or maybe not.

Other than the 4701 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus, OH address - which appears to be a commercial office - the next residential address for “Mr. Evans” is:

209 S. High St., # 311
Columbus, OH

Which appears to be residential apartments over walkup retail.

So maybe “World Traveling Mr. Evans” still lives in a crackerbox apartment?

It is hard to tell where he lives because Mark Evans uses rent-a-mailbox type outlets like UPS Store etc. as the main OFFICE address for all of his businesses.

“Mr. Evans” apparently has started at least one company - “Strategic Home Buyers LLC” yet a quick search of Franklin and Licking County Ohio official records and tax assessor sites shows no records for a Strategic Home Buyers or Mark Evans EVER owning real estate.

Now to give “Mr. Evans” the benefit of the doubt - he could be buying properties in a Land Trust which would give him some anonymity - which would be very smart on his part.

Or - and what I think is more plausible - is “Mr. Evans” is a wanna-be wholesaler who feeds off the scraps of true real estate investors by earning pennies through contract assignments - which obviously would only appear on a HUD and not of record.

This guy is yet another scammer in a long line of failed real estate investors who can’t seem to make money doing deals so they vomit their limited knowledge into a “Real Estate Course” and sell it to unsuspecting people online.

I wouldn’t waste a penny on this guy.

How much dust did you have to blow off the post that you responded to? It was 18 months old!


If it means saving countless others from being scammed - blowing off a little dust is worth it.

It is only right that people know the truth.

Un huh…I’m pretty sure that’s what the thread says…


Wow topgun that is a little harsh. Tell us how you really feel :biggrin

May we ask what is your level as an investor and what is it you do I wonder?

(Also can I swim in your $118,000 Pool it must be HUGE :cool )

Actually, I have to give kudos to topgun1928 for his internet detective work.

Topgun1928 did his due dilligence on someone claiming to be a professional exactly like he should have. Topgun1928 doesn’t have to be a professional investor with million dollar deals to call a spade a spade. He’s just pointing out facts that he found.

People like topgun1928 who take the time to research these “gurus” and post their findings publicly should be encouraged, not scorned.

Now lets do some detective work on topgun1928 to confirm that he is someone we can trust… :O)

Hey just kidding… I agree with your comment, strippey… Kudos to anyone that takes the time to research and share the results…

Have a wonderful day!