Creating a blog to generate website traffic

So I created a blog to see if I could rank the blog and get some traffic to my main website. Has anyone else tried this method? If so, what did you do that made that work? I’m trying to rank my site, but I don’t know some good backlinks to get etc. Anyone have a good idea of ranking a blog like this to get traffic going to my main site?? I would love feedback.

Can I bet that you’re on a shoestring budget, and you are resorting to what seems to be a low-cost approach to prospecting?

This isn’t a sin. I 'm just saying.

If this is all you can afford to do, then I would suggest creating a facebook page, and posting to that, and let the facebook page ‘be’ your website. This way, anyone who reads your posts, will automatically be exposed to whatever else you have going on. Of course, you’ve got to figure out how to get people to your facebook page, and the primary way is paying facebook for exposure.

At the same time, you need a way to get people OFF of facebook and into an autoresonder sequence, so that you can control what your audience sees wthout filtering and facebook schizophrenia getting in the way.

Facebook is not a reliable way to communicate, since they can block you, fail to distribute all your posts to your audience’ timeline, and otherwise only expose your messages to those who actually login to facebook at any given time.

Meantime, you can create and broadcast email messages through your autoresponder, to your email list; create and maintain a relationship with your audience; and automatically post back to your facebook page, and twitter accounts automatically. I do this myself.

Speaking of emailing, Ben Settle is a great source of information and guidance on how to generate leads using an email autoresponder.

The less complicated, and yet decidedly faster approach is to work on offline marketing. This means getting your name and message in front of as many actual prospects in the area you want to farm as possible.

There are numerous ways to accomplish this, and I’ve created a huge list of offline ways, that you can download from my signature line below.

Meantime, I can’t recommend using direct mail highly enough. It’s profitable if you don’t treat it like a campaign, but treat it like a display ad in the paper.

Hope that helps.

Hi calebluketic,
Creating a blog is a good idea, but it is also important to update on regular basis and share on social media channels to get traffic from it.
Sharing blog on high authority sites is also helpful in getting traffic.

Creating a blog for website traffic is a good idea, but update that blog with a post in a week two or three times. Then they show some traffic on your website. The regular post gives your blog some improvement. :smile :smile

Ok - so I think this is is a VERY misguided idea.

First, traffic doesn’t increase SEO. Period. Some people claim some correlation, but it’s a silly idea. Google has said traffic does not increase SEO. And it makes logical sesnse. SEO sends traffic to your site, why would that then increase SEO? Anyone can pay for traffic.

Second, started a second website to get backlinks to your main is black hat. You MIGHT get away with it a bit. However, after one backlink the value is nothing. In particularly, if you’re weebly site has very little power to it, why do you even really want the backlink? I’m not saying it hurts, but the value is negligible.

Third, if you’re blogs are like “sell my house fast” you aren’t going to crack first page. I would go after to say, unless you are a very solid writer with very unique topics, you aren’t going to rank. And in that case, how many people that get to your blog are looking to sell their house AND follow the blog back to your main site AND fill in the form. We’re talking miniscule percentages here.

I cruised your site a bit - the blogs are very superficial.

Anyways, I’m very down on this idea. Much better ideas exist. in fact, why even keep the blog on that site rather your main site…

I started a blog to do the same. It’s a great way to get relevant content out there and create some good back links to your main site.

A blog is a great opportunity to give something to your potential clients and start building your relationship but in order to get better SEO ranking you’re better off fixing issues and optimizing your website. I would focus on keywords, pagespeed, backlinks, etc. to rank higher and maybe get more people to come into your website.

Not sure web2.0s hold any relevance anymore. Google came out and said they don’t hold any value. Not to mention they take a ton of time to build and maintain.

To generate a traffic blogger is a good idea, but it gives you to slow results. If you want to more traffic than share your blog on different sites such as bookmarking or social media.

Yes a blog can absolutely generate traffic. But of course you need a good blog, fast host, great content and you need to rank. Without this it is pretty much useless. What turns a lot of people off with blogs is that you can not regurgitate BS content. If you start a blog do it because you are passionate about something. Write your own articles, and put yourself into it. I have seen many blogs from my competitors and it is just horrible. Lame boring same old crap all other blogs have.


As others have said, a blog can be a great way to drive traffic. And, as others said, the content should be high quality (it’ll get more traction), and you need to distribute that traffic on different social media, bookmarking sites, etc. to build your link profile.

Beyond getting the traffic, you need to be sure you can convert the traffic. So, your site needs to have a very clear call to action, good lead forms, etc. Otherwise, you will be putting a ton of time and effort into building content, but then not converting any of that traffic into leads.

Good luck!

Creating a blog is a good long term strategy to getting rank. The key here is to make sure you are creating top notch content on a regular basis so that you can continuously bring traffic to your website.

Yep creating top notch content is the key. Who can you help? What do They want or need that you can help solve a problem for?
AGE? Area? Who is your target market? How many blogs do you read a day? Not many is my quess. People are on FACEBOOK…
having a great Facebook business page or many will work better for you and its FREE. I boost my pages and that generates people talking. you are building relationships not just 1 time sales.

All good info, I agree with Earl.

Do blog add in those keywords you want to rank for
I use the Moztool bar to check on my competitors Domain/Page Authority
Content Content Content Marathon not sprint
Always highlight your sources and ask them to link to your blog to drive traffic
Use Social media Twitter Facebook

Judging by the date of this post it’s been a while, I’m curious to know how the blogging strategy went?

There is a SEO strategy called Web 2.0. It is where you create/post blog and articles from blog websites/content creating websites and add a link to your website. This will increase search rankings and eventually, increase traffic.

Do you have any results? It’s interesting to hear more from your experience

Yes Relevant blogs with good content will definitively give traffic to your website, I have practically seen it and it work out very well, internal linking from your blog to business pages will give you best outputs

I agree with Earl as well.

I do SEO for a living and one of the common misconceptions that most folks make is they think…

[size=14pt]It’s Simply Slapping an Investor Carrot Site, Squarespace, Wordpress, or Blogger Page Up and Write a Handful of Words and it will Magically Start Ranking In Google…

This is really a fantasy, and I’m Sorry If I’m Bursting Your Bubble Here But It’s True

The Truth Is, There’s A Whole Industry Built Around This…

There are companies out there charging $4k, $5k $10k a month for services that do exactly what you are talking about. They are writing targeted content, with videos, audio, 2000+ words with specific key words, aimed at answering questions of home sellers and are seeking to rank at the TOP of google each time.

And if you don’t rank on page 1 of google you are likely to NEVER see any traffic at all from that post.

If you treat SEO and marketing like your real estate career then you will get similar results.

  • Never take a course or program and hope to “learn everything you need to know” out of a book, and you will likely give up the first year.

  • Join an over priced program and wish for success, you are likely to go bankrupt.

  • Put in the actual work to learn the craft or pay someone who knows how to do it, you are likely to see some success.

The best place to start

Learn sales and marketing first.
Apply some of the strategies you learn each month towards generating business and consistently follow up with leads and you will start to make progress.

To put it in perspective

If you get 1 lead a day for 30 days, you have 30 leads. If you close at just 10% (1 out of 10) you will have 1 deal a month. If a deal is worth between $5,000 and $30,000, you are looking at $5,000 to $30,000 a month.

If you get 1 leads a day for 30 days, you have 30 leads. And instead you close at 20% you will have 6 deals. If a deal is worth between $5,000 and $30,000, you are looking at $30,000 to $180,000 a month.

You can start to see the pattern right? It’s about converting leads into customers or deals, and get better at that FIRST, then start to expand.

Get better at closing and start finding ways to generate leads. Then you can afford to PAY for someone else to learn how to build you a bigger and faster way to get leads, but don’t waste your time learning stuff you don’t need.

Hire some college kid who geeks out over the computer to this stuff and let them build you a lead generation machine that gets you deals.

You should learn to CLOSE[/size]

Hope that Helps
-Kris with JLR Homebuyers -