Creating a blog to generate website traffic

Creating a website for leads is a great option, but getting the traffic through SEO takes quite a long time in order to rank for the specific keywords. You can certainly do this all by yourself with time, but if you do have some budget and want a real head start, check out They have a lot of the technical stuff taken care of on the back end.

Google Backlinko if you want some good SEO tips.


Would have to agree that creating a blog is a good long term strategy for SEO. For the short term, one alternative is creating a guest post on someone else’s blog. A more established blog will actually provide a more quality back link as the website has more “power”.

Try using a Private Blog Network(PBN). It is used to build links to your money website(s) for the purpose of ranking higher in the Google search engine. The idea of a private blog network is that the websites appear unrelated to each other, therefore natural links, as opposed to someone linking to their own website from their other websites.

Build a social syndication network around your blog so when you post on your main real estate website’s blog each post gets syndicated out to a large network of social sites such as: wordpress, weebly, evernote, pocket, delicious, tumblr, google drive, and more.

Create a google site linking back to your main website’s blog and then build backlinks to the google site.

If you’re looking to find content relevant backlinks one place you might start is seeing where your competitors are getting them from with a free backlink checker like backlink watch or ahrefs.

I am the administrator of one website about real estate and I want to know if it is fine if I hire an SEO company to get more orders? I have a lot of places to sell on my website and I really need to advertise them. I have a website that is made with WordPress, I have bought the theme form and I saw that it is really SEO friendly. I love how my website looks and how it works. It will be really nice if it would have more visitors each day. It is just the perfect theme and I need to advertise it more.

I am not sure I get the question? Of course it is fine to hire a SEO person. I am guessing you are asking if its worth it. If you can get top 3 rankings on a large volume of keywords that are relevant for you then the benefit will be there and last for a long time if you maintain it. It does take time to build authority so you need to be prepared to pay for it with no return in the short term.

I find blogging takes up a huge amount of time with not enough return, but maybe I’m doing it wrong. If you want traffic in reality you have to make posts with good content daily. If you have the time and energy, great. I’ve gotten more attention with a simple website and a fill-in form.

Like some of the others said, I think social media is where its at right now, use all the available free resources you can. With facebook you could even setup a chat bot like chat fuel to help do some of the legwork in getting leads.

It may not be a good way to generate traffic. If done the right way could be used to help build authority in the field. I have seen quite a few people developing brands that they leverage to show expertise.