Chuck Smith

Does anyone have this amazing home course for sale?


I will have his books soon. Chuck Smith is having a boot camp in Ohio April 2nd & 3rd. I will be attending.


Can you post the information about Chuck Smith’s boot camp in April?
Please let us know what you think of his material.

check it out. it got GREAT reviews! I just dont have $900 dollars for the home course so i wanna buy it used. Can someone help me out?

Did you try E-Bay?

chuck smiths website

April 2-3 2005
Location Cleveland
Last Bootcamp being held until 2006

Hope to see you there.


Thanks Carol for the information.

I looked on e-bay and there’s one individual that is looking for his tapes and no one has responded since Jan 29th. Sounds like nobody is selling there’s, must be good.

Yes, I checked ebay with no luck. I was talking to a real estate agent that is also an investor and he said all of that is a bunch of B.S. Has anyone in this forum ever done such a type of transaction where they earned between $5,000 and $20,000 on a wholesale? The Chuck Smith system sounds good, almost too good to be true and you know they usually say if it sounds too good to be true, than it usually is. Help a newbie out. I dont want to make a $900 dollar sucker buy.

Of course, I’m biased so certainly take that into consideration. I know tons of folks who have done that. Heck, I made 27k on a wholesale (did have to close my side first). The tricky part is actually making it a biz where you can repeat it consistently. For me, it was always a side effort rather than the focus. Steve Cook and Scott Rister are two folks who come to mind that have done a ton of wholesale deals.

Money on education is only a sucker bet if you don’t implement. I’ve got 60 plus courses I’m sure and I’ve never felt shorted. Granted, some were better than others, but I always found enough nuggets to make the purchase pay for itself.

My cents…

Thanks TRandle for answering my questions. Just to know that somebody has actually made that much on a wholesale deal is enough for me to get started. By the way TRandle, how long did it take you to close that deal and was it actual cash like a check or equity?

I typed up a very long post with tons of details and lost it somehow. I think it took 6 weeks total. I walked from closing with 43k in cash and gave the seller 10k. My costs were 6k or so.

hi trandle, i was just wondering if you made all of that money using chuck smith’s course, do you think this is a good course, becuase i have prrof that you have done a deal, just wondering


No, I do not own Chuck’s course and have not seen it personally. He came out with it after I was already heavily involved in REI.

That said, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. You can read more about it at the link below, including some testimonials from others…

So what your telling me, TRandle, is you got 27k CASH?! Not equity but a check that you could go cash at the bank and use the 27k for WHATEVER? Like a 2000 Range Rover H.S.E.? ;D

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Of course, I never repeated it quite like that, but it’s a good example it can be done and that 3k to 5k per deal on average is certainly not out of reach.

okay thanx, one last thing, do you know anyone who bought it? because sometimes the internet can be decieving.


True, you have to be cautious online. No, I don’t have friends that have used his materials for the same reason I don’t have them - they’ve only been out a few years.

However, having participated in numerous REI sites and conferences and having REI buddies (including authors) all over the country since 1999, you do get a feel for the great authors, good, and not so good.

The list of folks who almost never have negative items said about them is small, and Chuck Smith is on that list from my experience. And no, I’m not going to provide my personal opinion list, :dance2:.

Even authors who may have what I would consider shady business practices can still have quality products and/or services available. And those items should be made available to investors. We certainly do not claim to personally review and test all products available on the site, but we do our best to only offer quality materials that are considered to be good values by a majority of investors out there actually doing it.

Sorry for the long-winded answer that could have just been “sorry, no”. :wink:

well thanks again

and just if anyone knows anyone who has the course, tell here what they think

Im tired of reading and wondering and wishing and dreaming. I WANT A RANGE ROVER!! I’m going out today and finding 20 distressed properties by driving and looking. I’m going to close on at least two of them and make a profit of 10,000 per deal and get my 2000 Range Rover H.S.E. and pay cash money!! All these success stories make me that much more eager to do this. Everyone who reads this post is a witness to what I say. Today, Saturday, March 5, 2005, is the day that I offically quit being just interested in real estate investing and become an active investor. I’ll update as I go and i guarantee by the end of April 2005, I’m going to close my first deal!!
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