CHRYSLER.........RIP.........1925 - 2009




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FIAT is NOT the answer…WHY in God’s name would you tell a company…If you can’t put a deal together with FIAT…your done…
FIAT executives must be dancing in the hallways right now!!! Can you say…BARGAIN BASEMENT BLOWOUT SALE???

Chrysler is GONE.

But…Believe it or not…

I would not be surprised to see Honda end up with Dodge Trucks in the eventual break up of the company. The talk I’ve heard is Honda has already been out to look at Dodge’s production lines and they are currently working on RE-ENGINEERING studies on various components in those trucks. Makes complete sense when you think about it. Toyota makes The Tundra and the Tacoma pickups. Honda while a close competitor to Toyota on a car by car basis has NOTHING in the full size truck market. (Hondas Ridgeline is a car based vehicle) Mercedes Benz owned Dodge for a while and the current lineup of Pickups trucks actually STILL uses MERCEDES designed engines (what??? you thought they were REAL Hemi’s???) Keep the Dodge name on 'em. Fix what doesn’t work, build in Honda reliability and they’ll have a turn key pickup truck business for a FRACTION of the cost Toyota spent fighting their way into the full size truck market.

Not a done deal…but something to watch.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know how lasted this long. has some really funny cartoons about the car industry, you should check it out.

Hey Jake, how is your F doing? Mine is doing quite well- 51.48% in the past 3 weeks or so.

I’ve been buying shares all along. Allagash can confirm this for anyone who doubts it.

My plan is to accumulate 100,000 shares total over the next year or so. If you figure in the options I already have and the shares I’ve purchased over the last 2 years, I’m about 3/4 of the way there. Some of those shares were purchased at levels above $6/share some at levels under $2.00.

My plan is to hold these shares for a few years.

In my experiece I’ve learned a few things…

First…I have no idea what the next Apple computer, Outback Steak House, or other new wonder stock is or will be. What I do know is CARS, and economic cycles. To me this is a very simple investment that presents itself about once every 10- 15 years. It IS RISKY…But…I’m using money that would have no effect on my family if it all went away. Having said that…I also believe that when you see these cycles occur OVER and OVER, you either go ALL IN…or you REGRET not going ALL in later.

As I’ve said here before…This company is on the threshold of a turnaround that will be studied for DECADES to come. Business schools will teach these lessons to generations of executives. I know this sounds ridiculus now…But to my way of looking at things this investment is a NO BRAINER.

Nice upgrade on thier credit rating today…

OK FDJAKE, You convinced me and I bought 12,000 shares of Ford two weeks ago. We’ll see how it goes.

Glad to hear it!!!

Ford and the market have had an incredible run here. (Ford up over 200% in just over a month) Be prepared for a pull back at some point.

I could be completely wrong on that…BUT…Just be prepared to see it drop a bit…Don’t let it shake you out.

Just my 2 cents.

Its been floundering a little bit the past few days but so has everything else. Good time to double down and pick more up when it pulls back.

I agree Rich…Any pull back is a buying opportunity.

I would turn that around a little and say that this could be an excellent shorting opportunity!

The fundamentals haven’t changed. We’re broke and printing money to cover it! Not a positive sign.


What makes you think Ford is going to take a steep enough dive to make any money shorting? Their credit rating on bonds just got raised, bond prices are up, stock price has been steadily going up with a few small drops here and there but nothing big enough to bank on, they still have plenty of cash reserves left, they just dumped nearly 50% of their debt. Tell me why in the world I would EVER short this stock?


I was talking about shorting the market. However, Ford is certainly overbought as well and the fundamentals of the economy and auto business haven’t changed.


Have fun shorting it, I’m long on Ford:

If they liked the 2010 version of the Fusion wait till they see the completely redesigned 2012 model!!

Ford’s entire lineup will be 80% NEW by 2012.

There’s a couple of BIG product surprises coming soon…STAY TUNED!!!

This is just getting started.

I love the crappy economy…I just made an offer on a car that would be immediately discarded a few years back but I bet I’ll get an email first thing in the morning.

My offer was about 20% off of their price which was pretty darn close to NADA value. Who’s buying fully loaded cars with V8s now? Probably nobody…but me.

Wow, someone is actually working there tonight and got right back to me. No go…I’ll let it sit there a few more months and try again. I can wait…apparently so can they. I’m sure cars aren’t flying off the lot.

Go Ford go!

I bought a fully loaded 2008 expedition XLT EL back in Feb for 29k. The dealership put leather in it and 19" tires for a buyer and he ended up backing out or not qualifying so they gave it to us on the cheap. We also got 1.9% interest. We are very happy with it so far.

I found another even cheaper than this one, a like 20k more miles but $3k less. I am going to hold off on the new car for a while, too much other crap going on this month…way too much to do and too little time. I need a vacation. :frowning:

Well it’s offical…

Chrysler (as we once knew it) is DEAD.

Watch how this bankruptcy is handled…It’s a blue print for GM’s upcoming date with the courts!