cell phones, PDA, Blackberry??

What is everyone using and why for thier phones now, that they are advancing such as blackberry,smartphones…ect.

I have a PDa phone, I love it. But it is not required for investing just makes things easier

I’ve got this via my day job, Sprint PPC6700.


You guys don’t have nothin on this badboy:


I’ve been investing for 7 years and I just bought a cell phone this year. You definitely do not need any geek gear to buy and sell houses, although they are kind of cool :slight_smile:

Gilbe—classic—is that the Moto brick phone circa late 80s?

That was my first phone and the thing had less dropped calls then its predecessors…

I’m all about my Treo 650—email/web/contact database & management/wireless hub (when I can’t find a WiFi or hotspot)…


Scott Miller

LOL thanks. My ph. contract with verizon is up soon and I’m eligable for the 2 year upgrade so I thought I’d ask while i’m at it I might get something a little more useful than just a standard flip ph.

Like Rich has. I have a XV6700 for Verizon. Same phone, Just different carriers. I like mine because I can load my spread sheets and formulate offers while on site. When you have it with you its like your American Express.

I have it set up to recieve Text Messages from my website when leads come in. I can look at it fast and determine If I need to move on it.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the Speaker. It is in the palm of your hand when you are trying to listen.

But besides that its the greatest.

Mine worked great until I dropped it into a puddle and dropped it on pavement about 40 times. It’s been flakey since.

I have a Treo 700W from work. The company has its own sync server tied to the Outlok (e-mail, contacts, calendar, etc.)…What a POS!!!


The 750’s are definitely better than the 700’s, tell your boss to upgrade you. :biggrin

If only! I work for a consulting firm that the company has outsourced most of their IT Department to…we get “whatever’s left” and we’ll like it!


Thats nothing try this on for size


Everyone remember the ones that came in courier bags? I had the model not far past the Motorola brick (got it in 1995), one of the first that fit into a pocket (albiet it took up an entire back pocket and was very thick), that thing sucked. Back then there was terrible access to cell networks, see also zilch signal almost everywhere. Those were the days. I think my plan was $40/month, no included minutes, no free nights and weekends, and every call was $0.40/min. I think you could add nights and weekends for $10-20/month more.

I like that. Is it bulky to carry around??

Not really. I’d rather have it than not.

Why don’t you wait until the end of the month can get an iPhone? Those things kick ass!

Forget that mess, the idea of a fully touch keyboard with no keys doesn’t sound like fun.

I like the full browser thing… but it is an apple thing… not going there for a while…

I don’t really get the point of a full browser. I just see the page loads lagging even more. I have IE mobile on mine and can bring up most pages, just can really see flash and really complex stuff. Pages load at an ok rate but not really speedy, I can imagine the Iphone being even slower to load pages. For example, I can browse this site and occasionally do and can make posts, etc with no issue. Not sure what benefits the Iphone has over IE mobile except that it complicates things further and slows load times.