I bought this program about 10 years ago (yes really).

If you know absolutely nothing (and I mean nothing), it can be a good read. You need to treat all these programs like general education.

You can get a lot farther buy going to your bookstore and reading the books there. Just find a seat and read if you don’t want to buy books. I do it all the time for books that I think might only have a chapter or so of good info.

I love how he says “I will show you ways to buy a home with no money down and no credit.”

Way One: Get a loan and borrow your down from a friend or relative.

Ah yes, what a secret that was.

Way Two: Get the seller to carry everything.

Way Three: Rob a bank. Oh wait, wrong course.

Just about all these courses stop short of pin-point specific guidance.

I am not sure how much money the course is now, but if it is $40 or less that would not suck too much. That is basically the cost of a good book.

Probably find all that information and more just by looking at this board and reading a little.


If you know absolutely nothing (and I mean nothing), it can be a good read. You need to treat all these programs like general education.

I agree.

I have spent so many hours on this site looking at and reading all the links. If you are new to REI you will get a great start right here. Take a week and see if you can take it all in.

yea. Most boards I have found are complete you know what. This one is golden. Sometimes it is a tad slow but the info that was already posted here and the people are priceless.

I have learned a lot here.

And do not buy anything that will not offer a free dish right evergreen!!

I let everyone know upfront that unless there is a free satellite dish involved, I don’t sign.

I like how people on some of these infomercials say that thanks to so and so they now have $500,000 in property. So I guess they bought one house on the west coast? :smiley:

That is SAD but true!!! And Funny!!! I only have $16,266,342.02 (as of june 7th2005) in property honestly but never got a free dish am I behind? Am I a R.E.I. Failure?

No dish? HUGE Failure, Robb!! How can you even call yourself an “investor”???



BTW - went all the way to Colorado. Weather was the pits, it’s too cold up high for the “hatch” so dry-flies were out…had one little strike on a nymph – GOOD NEWS, the 1-day license was only $5! K

Hey everybody I just wanted to say I found out today that I Do have a dish on all four units of my four plex so I have at least 4 dishes I will call my property manager today and get a total dish count!

I take back what I said…

Were they free? They must have been or you would have known of them – or perhaps your tenants just nailed them up there against their lease terms…???



Well after reading this thread I’m glad I didn’t purchase Carlton Sheets BS-Course after all the horror stories that I’ve heard. It’s not just Carlton Sheets though, personally I would believe that most if not all of these “GURUS” that you see on late night TV Infomercials are nothing but “SCAM-ARTISTS”. They want you to buy there course even though you don’t have a dime to spair and they try to tell you about there “Rags-To-Riches” story-lines and there student success stories. Don’t get me wrong there might be a handfull that are Genuine, but you would have a hard time proving it to me, they all say the same thing (BUY MY COURSE AND YOU’LL GET RICHER THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE). LOL If they were that good they would let you try the course first and then bill you if you wanted to keep the course. Sorry folks for being such an Old Bear, but when they feed you the “BS” and get your hopes up and then you find out it’s not worth the paper it’s written on, that tends to (P**S) me off. Have a Nice Day Jim :banghead:

I don’t blame them for marketing the riches factor most of all.

The sad thing is if a course was marketed as a way to build up “wealth” and how it is really done, most people would turn it off. They don’t want to learn how they can make an extra $100 a month now, and much more later. They want to hit the lotto and do no work. That is the lazy American way.

I find it funny when I hear someone say, that is too much work for just an extra couple hundred dollars per month and then they go off to their 9-5 job that pays $7 an hour.

They look for a way out of the rat race NOW. They pass up anything that takes time. Meanwhile, days, weeks, months, and years pass.

The other problem is these self-proclaimed gurus live in a bubble. If they borrowed money from a relative, then everyone should be able to do this. If they bought property in their area, then everyone must invest in their own backyard only. If they lost money investing in a Condo, then it must always be a bad investment.

The problem with courses/books is they almost always depart the land of factual data and how-to and set sail for the realm of personal opinion.


The problem with courses/books is they almost always depart the land of factual data and how-to and set sail for the realm of personal opinion.

and thier own Personal Gain. LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

That is SOOOOOOOOOO true

Yes, I brought Carleton Sheets program and you know what? I enjoyed it. As a beginner I learned a lot and I would recommend it. I chatted with him on the weekend millionare site. He’s a genuine nice guy
I paid 300 for it, (That’s total you start out paying $9.95 for the shipping, you try it out for 30 days and if you don’t like it you owe nothing…send it back and if you like it you can spread the payments out over four months…and NO they don’t charge interest ;D) and that’s not a bad thing due to the fact I have spent
that kind of money on foolish things in the past. I realize that I have a lot
more to learn and I will continue to invest in my RE education.

One of the reasons why I liked the program is because of the CD set. I use it to commute to and from work. In New York the crowds are pretty overbearing to read a book on the train and that’s not possible in a car.
so the CD set is great. To each his/her own I guess.

Carleton Sheets is a good start for a beginner. (No I don’t work for Carleton Sheets either ;D ) Try it, if you don’t like it all you have lost is
the $9.95 for shipping just send it back.

I agree with RolynP. I bought Carleton Sheets’ program and it got me totally interested in REI. I started digging for resources and I found this site and many others. Also, I’ve read quite a few books on the topic. I think it’s great for begginers. However, there is a point when they want you to get into their mentorship program for $$$. I am stuck there. I have had so much advice from REI members telling me not to get involved or pay that kinda money. I just don’t know what to do now. I’d love to find a mentor that doesn’t jack me for all my money. KT

I saw Carlton late one night and went to the library the next day to get every book I could I real estate investing. We purchased properties with the so called “no down”. It really worked out for us.

A couple years later I read Carltons product from a friend. A lot of it is what I read from the library books!

I think especially in todays time, you can find the info at your library or on the internet. Forums like this one are a great source.

;D I agree with Diane,

I guess the point here is this:

There’s more then one way to the goal as long as you are going to dedicate yourself toward it…It’s as simple as that.


What part of the world do you live in? I live in New York but I’m relocating to Seattle Washington maybe we can put our heads
together and come up with our first deal together. I don’t need
any of the profits I just need to see how a first deal is done
so I can get rid of the fear of a first time try.

Rolyn- I live in Northern California. kt