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Hi everyone. I have read a lot of Q’s and A’s and love all the information I’m getting. I’m very new to all this, 22yr’s old and no house yet. I got the Carleton Sheets packet and learned a lot from it. He has a coaching program that is around $4200. Has anyone done this or doing this? Is it good or wast of money? By the way I have saved around $19,000.Thank for the feedback

Send me $4000, we’ll let you read the same/better advice and information here for an unlimited amount of time, and you’ll save $200!!!

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I would prefer coaching from my town. The coaches from Carlton Sheets have no idea what the difference is between an $80,000 house on Cypresswood Street and an $80,000 house on Streamside Ave in my town. So he can’t advise you on if you should buy it or not. I would find a mentor in my own town using a strategy that I can see myself using. I would find a person that uses section 8 if I wanted to do section 8, one using land trusts if I wanted to do land trusts, etc. You see real estate is local. Without local knowledge it is very difficult to coach you in a manner that can benefit you. I would go to a local real estate investor’s club and find someone doing what you want to do. They will give you advice and they don’t want your money. They will give you the advice for free.

I had lunch with a friend of mine last week and gave her some advice on which house she may want to buy. I had lunch with a guy yesterday that wanted to know why he couldn’t make a property cash flow (on paper). Those meetings cost the mentee $20 for 2 lunches and one of those lunches they ate.

Remember you have to do this yourself. Even Carlton Sheets advisors won’t find the house buy it fix it up and present you the cash flow. You have to get out there and find a property. You may need a few questions answered and most anybody will do that for you for free.

These real estate courses contain a lot of information. You can’t use most of it. All you need are the 1 or 2 strategies that you are going to use. All that information gives you information overload. That leads to confusion and a confused mind always says no. That will prevent you from moving ahead. You have to narrow down what you want to do to one thing and start looking for that one thing. Use a local person to advise you on what strategy provides the largest amount opportunities. The easiest target to hit. Do that.

Carlton Sheets is very “cookie cutter” and “inside the box” thinking and Bluemoon is right here…join your local REI Club get to know the local players - figure out what works and what doesn’t in your area…send me the $2995 and the world will be good!



The “coaching” you will get here is free and better than you will get from the $15/hour person you will speak to from the sheet organization. People here are actually investors, and not phone jockey’s. save the money for a down payment, or repair costs.

You’re cutting into my profits here, RCF!

LOL…that’s what I’m saying – save the money, read the posts here, ask questions, get good answers. Find a real mentor locally!


Ok I should have said Buy a book from You can view the product catalog to the LEFT

<=== yeah that way.

No…I don’t make any money thatta way!

ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah your the personal mentor. My bad, I thought you were the site owner.

No, I’m neither…just kinda sacrastic is all…sorry, it’s the German in me and the diagnosis is that I’m “terminally German”…

But, I would take $4200 and be able to provide just about the same quality of blind advice as a $7.00 per hour droid working in a cube in a call center! All they are doing is flipping thru their boilerplate flip charts and reading the “mentorship” off of the card.

How personal do you think the “personal coach” is? Bluemoon is right…if you’re going to get a coach/mentor, get a local one that understands the market.


i knew the sarcasim with the mentor, but from the other thread I thought you were the site owner. I’ll take a check for $4,200 too.

I must admit several years ago, my friend and I paid for a $4,000 seminar from Robert Allen(not really Robert, but a hired speaker). During the seminar we put together a rehab deal that netted 30k, but it had nothing to do with the seminar. Basically It was a 3 day sales pitch for their software package which was another several thousand dollars.

You want to know what I did learn from the seminar… Search for deals. Put them under contract for below market value. Then Either fix them up and turn em, or sell the contract to another investor. It took 3 days to get those 3 sentances worth of information. Thats $111 per word.

It is difficult to find someone to help you at the local REI club. Its called competition. I want coaching because I want to see someone do it live so I can copy them and add my own twist of course. No one is going to let you do that in your area. Thats why I would pay for coaching too. I want to see someone do a deal from beginning to end just a few times is all I need.

Thank you for your feedback. Rentalcashflow I had some of the same thoughts about if they were able to make good money at real estate then why be a phone jockey. I went and bought the pre-foreclosure property investor’s kit book and finished reading it and I’m going to do pre-foreclosures as my main thing because it seems that a lot more are popping up in my area. $4200 is a lot of money to me right now and I don’t know of anyone that has ever went and did his course. I guess the next step is to find a REI club and keep reading the on here :slight_smile: thanks

OK OK OK… NOW, Did anyone who trashed the Sheets coaching, actually go THROUGH the Sheets coaching program?

How can you comment on the course if YOU DIDN’T TAKE IT???

HEY I TOOK IT !!! PICK ME!! PICK ME!.. When I signed up, they promised me a no money down deal with at least 10k cash back within 12 months.

They lied, It was within 7 months and I only got 9,600.00 back at closing. How sad, huh? (It’s in their newsletter last may.) But I also got 5 other NMD properties during coaching before the cash back deal ever happened.

And I had NO EXPERIENCE B4 I reviewed the Sheets course.

Even better was that my job paid for the course because it fell under their continuing ed guidelines.

Do I recommend the Sheets coaching course??? If you want, ask me privately and I’ll give you the short answer.

PS… Regarding the cashback deal…

<<<---------- See what I bought with some of the money. :slight_smile:

I didnt personally take the course myself, but I did have clients who did the mentoring program. They had called me out of the blue and were asking me
strange questions about home appliances, type of siding, and what avg rents were in a particular area. So I asked why they wanted to know all of this stuff if they werent intending on purchasing and they said it was their “Home Work”.

I asked them what they had payed and what they had learned, it was laughable, I told them to quit and try to get their money back but they couldnt. If you compare investing to learning to drive a car, so far they had learned about the tires and breaks, but nothing about driving. The poor people learned more about investing from me in 15 minutes than in their expensive mentoring course.

I actually had another client that was hit even worse by the russ whitney program, He had spent $35,000 on the super course of somekind, he was traveling all over the country to these seminars. The funny part is he bought 5 investment properties, but they were all the ones that I told him to buy, he never even used his whitney course stuff.

I don’t know if it is true but he told me at one of the seminars their homework was to go and get their credit line up higher on their credit cards, then the following day attendees were encouraged to charge the expensive course to their credit cards.

This is real estate investing not rocket science, heck I cant even change my own oil. I can wholesale, flip, rehab, assign, rent, and lease option, these are all easy. In fact most could easily be layed out in a paragraph or two.

I’m sure that their is a high degree of value in anything or any course, if you learn just one good tip then it can pay for itself many times over. The problem lies in the oppurtunity cost of taking a real expensive course. How else could the money you are spending on the course be spent? Is there a better way to allocate your financial resources, perhaps in applying that money towards actual investing.

I havent ever taken a course, or even done a training program. I have learned from other investors, if they can do it, I could I figured. Success leaves tracks, you just have to follow them. The best money spent on learning to invest in my opinion would be taking other investors to lunch and picking their brain. In one lunch $14.94, I learned enough to start investing. No need for $4000+ courses.

Eric Medemar

p.s. I havent bought a toyota with my real estate knowledge, but I have bought a vette w/cash, a harley w/cash, 26 homes, and have made over $100,000 this year flipping homes in a bad market.

p.s.s 5 years ago, pre real estate I was borrowing money to buy groceries (Thanks mom)

Not a Toyota. And thanks for verifying that you never took the coaching course in your first sentence. I wish you continued success in your REI.

Hi Jeff,

I haven’t seen much of you lately. As I’ve said before, I have not taken the Carleton Sheets Coaching, but I think that the Carleton Sheets Course is an excellent beginner’s course and I always recommend it to newbies. When I first started, a very successful investor recommended the Carleton Sheets No Money Down Course to me and I learned a lot from it. Well worth the money!

Eric is new to the board and is basically advertising his stuff (whatever he’s selling). He has very little credibility with me. Check out the “Cash Out at Close” thread below. He claims to be a landlord and yet claims that the only expenses for rentals are taxes and insurance! Give me a break! I don’t even know any beginners that would believe that!

Anyway, take his posts for what they’re worth.

In his post he says:

I havent ever taken a course, or even done a training program.

I already guessed that. It shows! He definitely needs to take a course on Rental Properties!


Give me a break is right!!! I have several rentals, and insurance and taxes are NOT the only expenses. If that is your only expense with rentals then that would classify you as a SLUMLORD!!! I tend to agree with Propertymanager with this one.

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I never said that I thought the carleton sheets course was wrong or right in fact any course where you learn anything is money well spent. But people do need to pay attention to the oppurtunity cost of their money. $4200 is alot of money that could be spent on good books, small coureses, lunch with successful people. Real estate is not even complicated enough to be worthy of a $4200 course. Many not all educators try to complicate things so that there is more percieved value in their products. Every transaction I have done as a newbie could easily be learned on a 1 page document. This is not rocket science its real estate. Maybe I dont know anything about landlording, maybe all the haters are right. I do know one thing and I can say this FOR SURE. I know how to make people money, I know how to make myself money. and I dont even know a quarter of the stuff in a carleton sheets course

I guess I dont know what I am talking about in the least. Would I rather be as dumb as me and make over $200k this year, or smart. I am always willing to learn, but I am very much a newbie, if newbie means im still learning then I am absolutely a newbie. If im a newbie now, I cant wait to see how much money I will be making when Im educated like everyone else.

Im glad you visited my website, I dont intend on making money off people for things that dont help, as you can see, there is no spot to even pay me for anything. I do intend on getting paid for my time though. I will make somewhere around $220,000 this year working about 35hrs a week (This $220,000 does not include any rent money from my properties) so on average my time runs $125/hr. I get alot of request from people who would like my advice. This time could be taken from my family time, or my work time. I love my wife and kids so I choose to take it from my worktime. Which would mean that I need to get paid what I make at work. I dont want any money if I havent helped people. What would you do? Take from your family, or take a pay cut.

To address the point of property fees, I have no attorney, so no fees there, I have no management company, so no fees there, I have mostly single families so my tenants pay all of their own utilities and take care of the lawns. So my main expenses would be property upkeep, on the properties described in my post, everything is new that would need replacing any time soon. So where is my 50% going, evidently I need someone smarter to tell me as I am just a newbie

If anyone doubts that I have 20 some properties you are welcome to visit the website and enter my name in a deed search and I think their are around 54 entrys with my name on them. My most recent properties wont appear as the turn around time on deeds in my area is up to 2 months.

I am happy with the label newbie, you can call me completely idiotic if it makes you feel better. Five of the homes that are mentioned in this post are now sold and I will make somewhere in the neighborhood of 100-120k.

I dont say anything to impress people, I say it more to impress upon people that if a newbie like me can do it anyone can.

Eric Medemar