California Wackos Want to Outlaw Toys in Happy Meals!

In just one more example of socialism run amok, nanny staters in Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley - Kaleeforna) want to outlaw toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals. Instead of passing all these silly laws, why not just station a socialist in every house and they could direct every aspect of our lives (since the people clearly aren’t capable of managing their own lives)? RIDICULOUS!

The problem of kids being too fat won’t be fixed by taking away the Happy Meal Toys. The problem is that kids spend all their time watching tv; texting on their cellphones; and chatting on facebook. Until you get the kids OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR A LITTLE EXERCISE, you’re gonna have fat kids - Happy Meal Toys or not.

I had to pay to fix my car because it broke down. Blasted socialists made policies that caused my engine to break down

Dang, i stubbed my toe, those socialists put that bed post there.

Grrrr, I went to a city and saw too many people, why do the socialists make cities?

I had to pay to fix my car because it broke down. Blasted socialists made policies that caused my engine to break down

I doubt if the socialists caused your car to break down. Did you remember to put oil in it? We conservatives believe in personal responsibility.

Now, repeat after me:

I WILL check my oil.
I WILL check my oil.
I WILL check my oil.
I WILL check my oil.
I WILL check my oil.

However, none of that will help the little fat kids.

I remember when I was in school there was always a fat kid in the class. Now all the kids are fat. It is the fault of parents that don’t want to chase the kids outside and then watch them to make sure some pervert doesn’t haul them off. I say if my kid is not smart enough to stop himself from being pulled into some stranger’s car then he needs to be out of the gene pool anyway.

These kids nowadays don’t even know how to play outside. if you put them outside they just kind of stand around. When I was a kid we picked up a stick and pretended it was a gun and chased each other around playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians.

True, but it takes a village to raise a child, not just the parents. Great parents can have a demon child, it happens. You can teach your kids the best, but what they get exposed to by their peers through the internet, school, work etc can drown out your teachings and they could grow up to be horrible people. The parents are a big part, but there’s always the influence from outside the family.

but it takes a village to raise a child, not just the parents.

No, it takes a mother and a father to raise a child. Back to that personal responsibility thing again!

The reason it takes a village beause kids are being born out of wedlock or being raised without a father. It certainly takes more than a “single mom” to raise a child. Nature intended it to be a father and mother. The father is replaced in the USA by welfare for financial and a village for the rest.


Exactly right,good answer.I can’t beleive people like “vader” actually run a business and have to answer for themselves.I can’t see someone with this so"dependent on someone else to take care of it"(AKA big Govt) actually a business owner.I’ve been in business for myself since '95 and if anything it you learn self dependence right off the bat or you fail.

Great answer again,big govt swooping in to save the day for worthless father’s is the root of alot of bad kids.Who then end up costing us taxpayers even more $$ in jail.All in the name of entitlements=votes=keeping the crooks in office.Sad,sad cycle entitlements create.

I can't beleive people like "vader" actually run a business and have to answer for themselves.

DITTO! It always amazes me when a business person is on the socialist bandwagon. Being a successful business person seems diametrically opposed to being a socialist.

Apparently you don’t read my posts well. I’m not a socialist, nor liberal. I think what PM believes is way out in left field. I don’t see a boogie man in every legislation and I don’t think everything I don’t like about the world is caused by some “socialist takeover”. That doesn’t make me a socialist, I actually think for myself and don’t adhere to any wing. Not every policy and legislation needs to trigger “chicken little” syndrome and more socialist fear. That is just feeding paranoia and creating a boogie man that’s not there.

Apparently none of you on here have RAISED kids, since you think its all on mom and dad. You must home school them or send them to perfect private schools where there are no bad influences whatsoever. It’s not all about the parents, get a clue.

I think what PM believes is way out in left field.


I send my kids to public school and I take them to church and I interact with a variety of the “village” but it is ALL about the parents. The difference between one kid being successful and another not is because of the parents. When you go to the school the kids that do well are the kids that the parents are always at the school, making the kids do homework and asking them to be in the house before the streetlights go on.

Look at your kid’s circle of friends and I bet you will find what I have found. My son is friends with some kids that are really smart (I mean accepted to Harvard and Stanford and get $50k a year from the school to go there type smart) and he has kids that are not very accomplished (probably going to community college). I find just like you will that the kids that are doing well have parents all over them. The ones that are not doing as well have loving parents also but they are not that much in the kid’s life. Now is it the chicken or the egg. Do the parents realize their kids are not that bright and so they basically only feed clothe and secure the kids and the other parents realize their kid is smart so they shower them with attention taking over their facebook page every now and then checking it or is it that they are smart because of the parents?

I also find it is overwhelmingly 2 parent households. It is a lot like stage parents. You know that a child can’t pick up move to California take the school bus to auditions acting, singing and dance lessons. It is the parent who pushes the kid that makes the kid successful.

So you’re saying GREAT parents NEVER have kids that go bad?

Obviously the answer is FALSE, and that’s my point. Some kids just will become bad regardless of what parents do. Parents are a HUGE part of a kids life, but not everything.

I am not saying that horrible parents can’t have a great kid either. Just like when you run a background on a prospective tenant. You are saying that people act in predictable manner and you ignore the anomaly. A child that turns out ok without parental intervention is an anomaly.

I grew up with a guy who ended up in prison shortly after school.Some years before that I drifted away from him because he was trouble and my dad was actually right in saying “that boy’s gonna end up in jail or dead”.

I credit my dad and his parenting that lead me to make my own decision to get away from this guy.I think just as Bluemoon said,being involved with your kids and also demanding respect.Good values will be instilled in them even when you are’nt around.I already see this in my 5yr old daughter.People will tell me she is so respectful and I never have any trouble.Now I know there is no perfect kid,but I personally would like to give it my all, rather than to depend on “the village”.Did I mention my friends parents were never around??And I’m pretty sure we lived in the same “village”.I just knew right from wrong thanks to my upbringing…by good parents.

Evidence of the socialist “village” theory can be seen in the hood. With my low income rentals, I can see multiple generations of lazy deadbeats who were all raised by “the village”. When the parents are scum, the kids usually turn out to be scum too. Yes, there is an occassional exception to the rule, just as there are kids with good parents that go bad. However, an occassional exception to the rule doesn’t mean the rule isn’t correct.

And if the great Obama and DEms are for the poor,then why did they scrap vouchers for caring poor parents who know their school is crap??

Could it possibly be that they need them to stay as dependents?The Democrats hijacked the black and poor communities in the late 60’s and now need to do the same with hispanics.It’s soooo much easy to get elected on handouts rather than on facts and proving your record.

The people are awake to this scam and the people being used and kept down should be really pissed.It’s modern day slavery brought to you by your Democrats,the same who brought you the Klan.Wait a minute,was’nt Robert Bird(the longest sitting Senator)a leader of the Klan.Anyone else see a pattern here??

The problems in the black community go a lot further than some democrat policies and welfare, so those policies system is only part of the story.

The saying “it take a village to raise a child” does not mean the parents aren’t the main teachers and caretakers. It means EVERYONE the child interacts with regularly has a part in molding the child, hence the term “village”. How do you guys not know this stuff???

Sometimes I read the comments here and its hard to believe, PM and bama you guys should travel more, open your minds and expand your horizons. See the world and learn about other people and put yourselves in their shoes. Goodness you seem so RIGID in ALL your views.

The problems in the black community go a lot further than some democrat policies and welfare

Like what? The problems in the black community ARE the result of decades of entitlements thrust on that community by the socialists. As Sellnbama said, it truly is modern day slavery! First, the socialists enslaved the blacks; then the poor white trash; now they’re coming for the illegal immigrants.

How is the black community enslaved by socialists? Explain that reasoning first.