Arizona Deputy Shot by Illegal in Arizona Today!

PHOENIX - After a frantic hour-long desert search, authorities found a deputy wounded in a shootout Friday with suspected illegal immigrants apparently hauling bales of marijuana along a major smuggling corridor in southern Arizona.

Here’s the story:

What’s the point?

Cops get shot by drug dealers and runners often…and its been happening since the 1920’s.

You’re grasping at straws here dude.

This is just one example of the violence that is EXPLODING on the border (as you know) and I’m grasping at straws? Funny!

you need to get laid man…that may help you.

“Grasping at straws”??You did’nt seee the mexican prseident admit that things are out of control with the drug cartel?Do you have a T.V.??IF so,tune away from the Obama networks and you’ll see the truth on what’s really happening.Were you one of those robots chanting “change” without asking what it meant also??

“Question with boldness” everything ,especially with the crooks in Washington.The can has been kicked on immigration reform by both parties in a fight over who will benifit with the votes.So in the meantime,the word illegal still is “not legal”,AKA breaking the law,so I say INFORCE IT!!!Or does the word have a double meaning with this administration also(I don’t watch the Obama networks,so I could be wrong,LOL!!)

But I’m pretty sure Illegal means=breaking the law.Did the Obama networks ever explain what "Fundamentally tranforming the U.S."means??Weird how this nation has servived for hundreds of years without this great man(who’s never ran anything).But he has a secret plan from all of his “experience” of a “fundamental change”???Yeah,right,ask questions,get answers,if you’re demonized or the question is deverted into a 17 min “no answer”,I would be "concerned with this persons track record of accomplishing absolutly nothing.

I support AZ for passing this new law. Illegal immigration is a huge problem here in Texas as well. If your not here legally you need to go period!

The mexico situation is VERY ironic I think. Playing devil’s advocate here, if my memory of history serves me right, the U.S fought Mexico and TOOK Texas and a whole lot of other land. I guess the Mexicans want Texas, Arizona, and California back. Seems like they are doing a good job getting that done.

Just a neutral observation, but I’m pretty sure you guys are gonna take it and run with it.

I always think its interesting how us humans make a bunch of imaginary lines on a map called countries that we fight and die for. But when someone else does it to us it wrong.

Juarez is now the most dangerous city in the world–“Murder City”.

I heard that the mayor is living across the border, in the US, so he won’t be gunned down, while he is trying to run the city. 40% of the businesses there have closed. People are moving out if they can.

The most amazing thing to me about that Arizona article was that the deputy was patrolling ALONE. That is crazy! That is just wrong!

We need to get way more Border Patrol officers. We need to stop the flow of guns into Mexico. We need a massive joint plan together with Mexico in order to pull the fangs of the drug cartels. We need to stop the demand for drugs here.

There is a bloody body lying on our doorstep. We can no longer look the other way.


NOTHING is going to happen with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION because there are TOO MANY VOTES attached to the topic…

The ILLEGALS have LOT’s of FAMILY here…Don’t think so???

Every single CHILD born to an ILLEGAL Mother that managed to WADE ACROSS the Rio Grande to drop her little bundle of “FUTURE SPONSORSHIP” here in the United States has a BUILT IN VOTING BLOCK!!!

Our SPINELESS politicians aren’t going to do NEAR this subject on a NATIONAL LEVEL because the “ILLEGALS” can muster a 100,000++ Protest march at the drop of a TACO!!!

Arizona WAS one of the places I was considering moving too, but after all this junk going on, I dont wanna have to look behind my shoulder for possible danger everywhere I go. Guess its down to Florida (where the rest of my family wants to go) or Texas.

The Federal Government needs to enforce Border Control, but as Jake said, the majority of the politicans (both Republicans and Dems) wont take bold action on this issue because of the voter backlash.

Im sick and tired of the BS games we are playing with the bolder. This crap goes way back 30 years, and nobody takes bold action. Do any of us honestly think Obama (who relies HEAVILY) on Latino voters) to actually control the border? No way…

This is a problem…


I actually agree with you on this one.It is a problem.But FD,hit the nail on the head,it’s sad politicians(even Obama!!)are just going to kick the can farther and do nothing.There has to be a breaking point,public officials as you stated should’nt have to "hideout"from drug cartel.But that is where we too are headed if we don’t inforce the law.Sure some people will be “insulted”,but it’s a buttload better than living in total chaos as Mexico is doing. :beer

I disagree with a bunch of you on some points.

I live near the border, in what was formerly Mexico. There is a centuries old custom of going back and forth over the border as many families are spread out over the two countries. People were always going to a birthday party or funeral in Mexico, to a Quinceinera (like a Bat Mitzva, a girl’s 15th birthday coming-out party) here.

Now it’s really difficult to do that! Why? Because you can’t get back. A friend of a friend was just held up for 3 days while they double and triple checked his papers. He had gone to Mexico because his grandmother was sick. He was a citizen and born here. Boy, is he mad!

Illegal and legal workers do not return home. Instead they now stay here, because it is too difficult to pass the border stations to get back.

The immigration system is broken. We need new laws. It has become impossible to enter or re-enter legally. The wait can be YEARS. Other countries, like Switzerland, have a huge foreign worker percentage yet manage this much better.

So, heck yes we need to deal with the immigration problem. This was a platform that George Bush, a border state governor who spoke Spanish, campaigned on. As soon as he was elected his overlords–Cheney, Rove, et al-- reined him in: “No, George, that will be too unpopular. You don’t want to be unpopular!”

We need fast, speedy visas for those valuable foreign scientists, MD’s, and entrepreneurs who are now going to Canada, Australia, and Great Britain because the US Immigration can’t get their paperwork done. We are losing those most valuable immigrant brains. Those immigrant brains are the first wave of innovation–just look at internet innovators, many foreign-born.

We need to quickly legalize the people who have been here for years working, paying taxes, and who have American-born children. I personally know dozens. They are an asset to this country. I can’t think of a single family on welfare, but I can think of many who hold down two or three jobs.

Their kids go in the service and many become Border Patrol officers since they must be bilingual. We need a fast track for legalizing them. How about any family with a kid in the U.S. Military gets green cards and on the 5-year list for naturalization? This would give a numbers boost of thousands to our military.

So the problem as I see it it that the bottle neck has now gotten so narrow that it is spilling over. I have also heard that workers are being forced at gunpoint to become marijuana mules–do it, or die right here.

My bet is that Obama has the guts to even tackle immigration. After the Health Care Wars, he will have grown a thick-enough skin to deal with that deferred problem as well.

Funny how the Republicans haven’t seemed to have the backbone to solve anything in years. Guess this administration is gonna have to do it. I am 100% behind immigration reform.


I actually agree wiith your post, except for the last part.

If people want to be here legally thats FINE, make them pay taxes and make them legal… I have NO PROBLEM with that.

However, if you believe that Obama is actually going to attemp to fix the Border problems, your sadly mistaken.

This has been going on for 30 years, and Obama will not accept that backlash that would result from the Latino population if he actually decided to secure the Borders.

The solution is obvious…

  1. Allow easier citizenship/greencards. If people want to come here, pay taxes, and attempt to get “the American Dream.” IM ALL FOR IT! DO IT LEGALLY THOUGH. This is America, we should welcome all dreamers here.

  2. Secure the Borders. Put the National Gaurd on the border and SHOOT anybody coming over here ILLEGALLY. This is unacceptable.

  3. Throw business owners in PRISON for hiring people who are here ILLEGALLY. Thats called BREAKING THE LAW.

I think Obama will do HALF of #1, but will not do #2, or #3.

But I somewhat agree with you FO, what a nice change aye?

Do those

I agree with you yet again Fusrnished,all but the last two statements.

Obama is just another politician who will do what’s best for votes,no more,no less.The same as the Democrats have done for years on this subject.

Great quote from you–“This is America! Dreamers welcome!”

Everyone seems to think that nothing will happen. How about we push our legislators, who are all bloodied from the Health Care Wars, to go back into battle? Will they have the stomach for it?

Hammer out something that works. Speed up visas, work permits, legalization.

Get a ton more security on that border.

And the racial profiling in Arizona sucks. Who are they going to target? Green-eyed blonds? Redheads? Target criminals, not Hispanic-looking people just going about their business. There’s a whole bunch of rednecks in that state.

And no we can’t shoot people on the border! You are way too young to remember, but that’s what the East Germans did at the Berlin Wall. Machine-gunned East Germans who wanted to cross to the West. Left the dead hanging on barbed wire for a while, too, to deter future border crossers. The whole world was shocked and horrified. We don’t want to go there, it’s a gross violation of human rights.

There has to be a workable system set up for the safe regular movement of tourists, visitors, temporary workers and immigrants across our borders.

There has to be a total interdiction of gun-runners and drug smugglers. This MUST be done. Let’s put the National Guard on training maneuvers down there.

While our elected representatives give us workable immigration laws. They need to bandage up their political wounds and head back into battle. It’s what we pay them for.


2) Secure the Borders. Put the National Gaurd on the border and SHOOT anybody coming over here ILLEGALLY. This is unacceptable

:shocked OMGoodness and you call yourself a Christian? Might wanna rethink that statement

Gotta bring out the flag on that one… :bs

what happened to the ‘now shall not kill’ motto of your religion…i guess you skipped that one, huh?

put yourself in their shoes for a minute…you want the best life possible for your kids, right? live in Mexico and their a far better opportunites in the US for your kids right…and then a freakin bullet spatters your 5 year old’s brains on the sandy earth floor…

all cause there are people round here that think that killin’ people is the answer.

COMPLETE HOGWASH! Make it EASIER for people to come here LEGALLY ,and those people who want a “better life” in America can come LEGALLY.

Having people jump the border and SHOOT UP STORES and OFFICERS is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Dont pull the Christian BS on this, because YOU GUYS (who just want to allow criminals to jump the border) are responsible for the killings of innocent Americans. Now let me ask you… HOW IS THAT CHRISTIAN? Might wanna rethink your POV on this one guys. :bs

Make it easier for legals to come here, and kill the ILLEGALS right on the border. This is NOT rocket science. DO THE CHRISTIAN THING, and PROTECT INNOCENT PEOPLE!

Dont pull the Christian BS on this, because YOU GUYS (who just want to allow criminals to jump the border) are responsible for the killings of innocent Americans. Now let me ask you.. HOW IS THAT CHRISTIAN? Might wanna rethink your POV on this one guys.

Your right…I do remember the portion of the Bible that said it was all right to kill people…Christianity is all about killing…that’s what Jesus would do… :rolleyes

Hoosier, stop being a hypocrite Quit while you are behind…

I like to think of it as PROTECTING people from being killed, you know… stopping crime. But hey… you can spin it any way you want.

Bottom line is… you got people doing BAD THINGS when they jump the border, including murder. Do the Christian thing, END the KILLING!

Have a easy way for them to come in LEGALLY!