9/11 Conspiracy or Not?

Im watching this show right now and have watched it before and I can tell you I want to strangle that little puke college kid who wrote Loose Change…And I wouldnt mind taking aim at some of those lowlife mother******* who go to the WTC site on the anniversary to march and debate people who are there to mourn lost family members…How dare they…I lost 2 childhood friends in this event both FDNY and both alot braver than I ever hope to be and I can tell you this type of free speech sickens me…This show debunks every conspiracy theory and yet these free speech lowlifes still persist…What kind of moron thinks that this was a conspiracy inside our Government to let this happen…Like those planes werent flow into the WTC,like those phone calls didnt happen from the planes to loved ones,like Osama Bin Laden doesnt exist…Its ridiculous…Sorry for the rant…

I have to agree. I believe our Government is very corrupt, and many Conspiracies have alot of backbone to them but 9/11 isnt one of them.

However, with that said, I cant put ANYTHING past our Government.

Yep, it’s ridiculous! Since they think that the towers were brought down by explosives, I’d like to know what kind of explosives could survive having a large jet crash into them, so that they could be detonated an hour later and cause a controlled demolition? The huge explosion from the crash; the fireball; the fire - none of that affected the explosives that George Bush personally planted (after sneaking out of the White House)? That would be some mighty fancy demolition work!!!

I have to question how deranged these people are…I mean how blankin stupid do these people have to be to think this tragedy was an inside job…Watching this show does nothing but anger me…I still remember 9/11,I was standing with my dad cause I was off that week (watching TV)…First thing my father said is that building is going to come down after he saw the plane hit…He said there is no way that top load wont come down since the middle support was sheered apart by the crash of the plane…Infact I think the building wouldve come down irregardless of the heat from the fuel…But what gets me the most is how dare these idiots go to the WTC site on the anniversaries and debate with people who are there to mourn…

I wish we were more focused on WHY these groups of people hate us this bad. And WHY they didn’t 40-50 years ago. Only when we finally address these issues will we really address the problem. Bombing them, well for every one we kill you create two more.

Sorry to hear you lost friends from such a horrible event Rookie.

John NC,
Ty…and the wars that followed are entire different debate…How do you feel about these airline screeners?..I mean these people that try to ignite these underwear bombs etc are going to cause racial profiling in due time IMO…

Ron Pauls solution?

Get rid of the FAA. Completely privatize. You think 9/11 would have happened if everybody was allowed to carry guns? (More than likely, a privatized airline would allow passengers to carry guns).

Also, our world policing has alot to do with why these people hate us. We need to look in the mirror and see what were doing to cause them to hate us.

How would WE feel if China has troops walking down our streets? I GAURANTEE people would want to kill China. Same situation with alot of other people in other countries…

Well, some would argue it was the actions of the US before 9/11 that caused it. Here is a video of ron paul predicting 9/11 back in 1998, like so many other things he predicted, he was 100% right.


As for the airport screeners, they are a waste of money and time. They are no better than private ones before 9/11 and cost a great deal more to the taxpayers now. I deal with them on an almost daily basis at my job. The one flaw that will never be fixed is the human element. Humans make mistakes and will continue to make them. TSA employees are more concerned about the clock than security, it’s nothing more than a big inconvenience for millions in my opinion. If a group of radicals want to attack again, they will. The aircraft I fly has a MAJOR security flaw that would allow any would be attacker to easily get a handgun or a long gun on board, that completely bypasses the TSA. I’ve addressed this more than once with the proper individuals at my company and nobody seems to care.

Like I said, the real problem has to do with US foreign policy and an oblivious tax paying population.

That reminds me of those idiots blaming govt for “blowing up the levees” during Katrina.Sometimes I look around at the stupidity of people and it explains how we get incompetent elected leaders.

“The public school system in this country has successfully dumbed down enough people that idiots can triumph our political system”–Rush Limbaugh

To say that 9/11 was done by our own government, by people within congress, or by Bush himself… would be wrong. People who jump to these simplistic conclusions are the reason that every question asked about 9/11 is labeled as a conspiracy theory.

But to accept 9/11 as the official story is told, without questioning the hundreds of CONSPIRACY-LIKE questions, facts, actions, etc…is also WRONG.

Most of the 9/11 truth movements ask for one thing: Re-open the investigation and give some real answers to all the unexplainable events that took place.

“Loose change” was a film that didn’t scratch the surface of the investigation. If you base your whole investigation on that one film, then it doesn’t make sense. The people who are there on 9/11 to march to re-open the investigation have a reason to be there. There are plenty of people who are mourning AND ALSO MARCHING to get some real answers.

Sorry to hear that you lost 2 close friends. I live in NJ and I have friends who lost loved ones. It’s their responsibility to look further into the events that changed our human history as we know it and to NOT blindly accept the story that mass media fed to us.

Here’s an example, how did the identify one of the hijackers? Well according to the official 9/11 report, once the plane hit the building, the guy’s passport flew out of the plane, through the smoke/flames/explosions, and safely landed on the sidewalk where it was picked up by NYPD and traced back to the hijacker. Ummm OK. And that’s just a needle in the haystack of things that make no sense.

Which show are you referring to that debunks every theory? I hope it’s not the Popular Mechanics you’re referring to.

Also to add to your comment…

The designers/builders of the WTC were interviewed many times and have said that the towers were built to withstand the impact of the biggest plane of their time. The hijacked planes were NOT bigger than that plane.

As for the jet fuel, media outlets agree that the majority of the fuel was burnt off during the impact as seen in the fireball explosions. So the fuel couldn’t have spread throughout the towers to magnify the heat.

Even if somehow the fuel trickled down every floor of the towers and magnified the heat, it still wouldn’t have caused it to collapse. Why? Because like the reports also say, fuel can’t burn hot enough to melt steel.

Ok, so if the fuel can’t burn hot enough, then maybe if you throw in the office furniture, papers, chairs, carpets, ETC… then it’ll make the fire hot enough to melt steel.

Ok, so the steel melts, the towers collapse and then…turn to powder and dust? No major wreckage at all? A few weeks later satellite thermography still shows pools of molten metal hot spots at thousands of degrees which couldn’t have remained from fuel burning with basic things.

Let’s not even get into tower # 7, the tower that wasn’t eve hit but collapsed into its own footprint later on that day.

NJ Bird Dog,
You cant fly a 747,DC 10,MD 90 plane at 500 mph into the middle of a skyscraper and expect any building to the withstand the load that is left above the crash…It clearly took out major supports upon impact…This professional demolition theory was debunked by professionals…It wouldve taken 100 men up to 6-8 months to properly drill and cut into every support I Beam in the WTC and put shape charges around everything…And they would have had to have done this in a cloak of secrecy,past the CCTV,past the security guards,past the maintenance crews,past the PA police,past the private security,past the many round the clock trading firms in that building…IMPOSSIBLE…The drilling wouldve been immense…

As for the passport that mysteriously flew down to the ground…That does sound odd but all the same the FBI,NTSB easily identified the terrorists on video footage going past security screeners…

The show I watched was called 9/11 Conspiracy or Theory…And they used professionals in every industry to debunk every claim made by those college pukes at Loose Change and that other nutjob who claims that the US govt used thermite instead of shape charges to take down buildings.Which still wouldnt change the army of men it wouldve taken to place these thermite collars around HUNDREDS of I Beams…He also wrote not 1 not 2 but 4 books on his ridiculous claims(and Im sure he gave that money to the 9/11 victims fund…NOT)…And I have personally spoken to people who have lost family members sons and I have spoken to the mothers,fathers…And never once did this ridiculous notion that a concealed deliberate conspiracy opinion arise…As for the fires that you said raged on…Do you know how much material it takes to build a skyscraper?..Thousands upon thousands miles of wires,PVC pipe (which is toxic when burned),asbestos ceiling tiles (millions)…Ofcourse the fire would go on for a long time…Anyone with any type of construction or engineering background would easily understand this…The theories were debunked multiple times using professionals and the LIARS as they should be called still squirmed their way out of the proven data…Why?..Because they care so much about the truth?..No…Because they dont want to stop their gravy train of $$ being brought in by an army of morons who believe anything that comes out of their mouth…

I will say it again…On the morning of 9/11 I was watching the first building burn and then the second plane hit…My father who has been in construction for 50 years and builds homes said to me “that building is going to come down”…It took seconds for him to come to this conclusion…Him and I have had this conversation and he gives the explanation on how and why…Once you take out the mid or even 10-15 floors below the roof support that load cannot be supported and will start a chain reaction blowing out supports and walls on the way down…

And a professional pilot and Im sure there are others here who can attest to this…When a typical plane crash occurs the pilot tries to slow down the plane and save lives so there is much more debris…This was quite the opposite…These terrorists had these planes topped out at 500+ mph…So what kind of debris do you expect to find in regard to the body of the aircrafts…

As far as I know I’m the only one here that actually spends time in BURNING BUILDINGS…

Those buildings came down for a few very simple reasons…


Fire load is the AMOUNT of combustable material IN a structure. When the Towers got hit the impact of the planes immediately disabled the sprinkler system by taking out the majority of supply lines feeding it.

Once the jet fuel ignited the fire load it was just a matter of time before the steel started to EXPAND…YES, that’s right…NONE of the steel in the WTC “MELTED.”
STEEL expands, THEN bends & twists when heated. If you remember, those towers DID NOT come down right away from the impact…It took OVER 20 minutes for that FIRE to weaken the steel before those towers came down…EACH tower took almost the same amount of time because it took the same amount of time for the STEEL to reach a temp. were it started to fail.

In Firefighting this is a very well known and common problem…COUNTLESS Firefighters have lost their lifes due to steel trusses expanding due to high heat conditions, then after the expansion (which WEAKENS the steel, individual trusses begin to fail…Once a single truss is compromised it’s a domino effect from there.

The Towers had MASSIVE structural damage caused by the initial impact, add in the jet fuel igniting a HUGE fire load, with NO OPERATING SPRINKLER SYSTEM that building just BURNED…The gapping HOLES put in the sides of the buildings fed MASSIVE amounts of Oxygen to the fire. If that fire had started in the building WITHOUT that level of oxygen to feed the fire it would have NEVER grown as fast as it did. Also, the initial impact zone was low enough on each building where eventually the weight of the upper floors would cause what Firefighters refer to as a pancake collapse. One support fails and then the weight of the upper floors pancakes down on top of the others.

This is EXACTLY how controlled demolition works…They don’t use 50 tons of TNT in a building…They use small charges tied to structural supports and then let the weight of the BUILDING do most of the work.

I’ve seen fires burn so hot that 24 inch steel beams were twisted like pretzels…In Worchester in 1999 the cold storage warehouse that claimed the lifes of 6 Firefighters experienced a similar collapse…BUT it occured on the INSIDE of the structure as the steel beams supporting the floors weakened from the heat they collapsed in a classic pancake fashion.

The difference???

The trade Centers were built using CURTAIN WALL technology were the exterior walls have little if any structural value…Worchester Cold Storage was an 100 year old masonary building…The same collapse occured in BOTH buildings, you just couldn’t SEE IT in Worcester because the heavier exterior walls remained standing.

And I can tell you from first hand experience…THERE WAS MAJOR, MAJOR, beyond your abilitly to believe WRECKAGE FOR BLOCKS at that site. USAR teams from all over the country were sent there.

Tower 7 collapsed because the entire WATER SUPPLY system for that area of NYC had been destroyed…Tower 7 burned for HOURS and HOURS without a DROP of water being put on it…and even if they HAD water…What Battalion Chief in FDNY is sending HIS guys’ into THAT building on THAT DAY after just losing 300+??? They wrote that building off…as they should have…If you let ANY structure burn long enough ONE THING HAPPENS…It COLLAPSES…Eventually FDNY used a FIREBOAT that the City had just told them they didn’t NEED anymore to PUMP thousands of gallons of water out of the New York harbor and up the streets in 4" hose lines to supply the remaining/ operable Fire apparatus at that scene.

It amazes me how out right STUPID some people are…BUT…the UPSIDE is…


Ty for that detailed account…I really didnt know what happened to WTC building 7,not that I ever felt it was some kind of ridiculous conspiracy…My brother in law was the first graduating class with the FDNY after 9/11,talk about brave…He switched over from the NYPD…I cant tell you how proud I was and still am of him…The bravest guy I know…Never mind the 4 tours he has done in Iraq and Afghanistan…He spent 4 days on the pile looking for my other brother in law who is a PA cop and was part of the first response team after the incident…A cellphone saved my brother in laws life…Him and his group of PA cops were loading into a van to head to the WTC and he forgot his cellphone in his locker and told the guys that he would jump in the next van…The van he passed up the ride with everyone didnt make it…Everyone…Imagine living with that…Poor guy is still a mess I think…The bumper sticker you see alot amongst firemen in NY says it all…FDNY & 9/11…All gave some…Some gave all…

I surf alot and have been an avid surfer for over 33 years.I spend alot of time in Long Beach NY and have many friends there…That community was hit so hard and so was Rockaway with the loss of NYPD,FDNY,PAPD and everyday non-military citizens…Along the boardwalk in Long Beach people were allowed to donate benches with plaques for the deceased …I cant tell you how many hundreds of benches are now on that boardwalk…

I can’t even imagine living with that…But…It shows you what kind of guy he is…He transferred out of NYPD and into FDNY after 911. That’s walkin the walk man.

In the Fire service FDNY is looked upon as the “Majors” The BIG LEAGUES…It’s not because THEY think that…

It’s because they DO IT!! 24/7/365

Some of the best Firefighters on the planet.

Look, this topic can drag on for days so I’ll avoid the minute detailed debates. None of our are experts and even if we were, it doesn’t mean anything. To pull off a stunt like 9/11 required intel that none of us have or would be able to understand based on our experience or knowledge.

But I will say this, especially if you’ve been affected by this personally. You guys OWE IT TO YOURSEVES AND YOUR LOST ONES to investigate further into 9/11. Just as it pisses some people off to see those demonstrators ASK FOR TRUTH, it PISSES ME OFF to come across people who so calmly accept WHATEVER the media tells them. It’s disgusting and I’LL NEVER accept the ridiculous official 9/11 story.

I live right across the river and it’s one of the most personal issues of my lifetime. I’ve spent COUNTLESS hours… no wait, COUNTLESS weeks/months trying to analyze 9/11 and put it all together. The most UNBELIEVABLE news I’ve EVER realized is that 9/11 was part of a global strategy that has been going on LONG BEFORE our time by powers that you and I don’t even know exist.

***NEWS FLASH: 9/11 wasn’t pulled off by a mysterious man living in a cave who hates our freedom and somehow defeated the most powerful national defense system in human history.

RookieNYC, just as you say the “morons” are riding gravy train of $$, what do you think these so called experts are doing? There’s experts on both sides, PLENTY on the side of the so called morons. The “expert” formula is very simple in mainstream media. Anything the media wants to sell, they called their so-called experts to promote it to the sheeple.

You live in NY, have you gotten the swine flu vaccine yet b/c the media experts told you to get it? Because if you did, then keep in mind that the health care professionals in NY - surgeons, doctors, nurses, etc - signed a mandate that they REFUSE to be required to get the vaccine and will walk off the job if the state requires them to get it. So the same people trusted to give you this BS vaccine are not taking it themselves. But hey, the experts on the media are saying its good so it must be good, right?

fdjake, the pancake effect? If the floors pancaked on top of each other, then why was there NO RESISTANCE AT ALL as they were falling on top of each other? They fell at free fall speeds. Why was there no “pancake” of floors at the bottom of the rubble? EVERY single floor was pulverized into dust? Ok, if you say so.

Building #7 caught fire from debris falling onto it. It was never hit, NO STRUCTURAL DAMAGE. It burned for let’s say 9 hours, from 9-5pm. Then it MYSTERIOUSLY collapsed into it’s DEAD CENTER footprint. Let me say that again, the building fell in such an organized way that there was no falling debris, no falling floors, no structural damage, no chaotic fires shooting out the windows, but it just fell INTO ITS OWN FOOTPRINT from being burned for 9 hours.

How many buildings in the past 100 years are recorded to have fallen to LONG fires, past 9 hours, even 24hrs… ONLY 3 Buildings: 1) Tower #1 2) Tower #2 3) Building #7…DOESN’T ADD UP! Granted Twin towers were hit, but they ‘reason’ they fell and were pulverized were due to the fires/heat.

Want more details, how about the media outlet where the news reporter was standing in the far distance with building#7 being visible being him. Granted it was far behind him, but still visible. He announced that he just got news that building # 7 collapsed due to fires. THIS IS WHILE THE F@!#$@## BUILDING WAS VISIBLE BEHIND HIM.

I haven’t scratched the surface yet. I’ll go as deep as you guys want. This is surface level details that don’t even get into the depth of the purpose behind 9/11 and the greatest lie ever told.

Who was it that said “The bigger the lie, the easier it becomes to believe”

Take a minute out and consider these:

Part 1/11:

They are only ONE minute long… not long documentaries.

What you DON’T KNOW about this subject could fill a football stadium…

First off…NO RESISTANCE??? Are you for real???

How much RESISTANCE do you think a ALREADY weakened structure needs to OVERCOME while FLOOR after FLOOR is being ADDED to the load??? Do you have ANY IDEA how the steel structural members were attached to each other in that Tower??? Of coarse you don’t…I DO…But don’t let that deter your little flight of fancy here…Don’t let those pesky FACTS get in your way…You WATCHED it from across a river…I’ll put my 20+ years of building and Firefighting experience up against your “across the river” observations any day of the week.

“How many buildings in the past 100 years have fallen to long fires???”

Here’s where you REALLY show us how little you understand this subject matter…

  1. Worchester Cold Storage Warehouse
  2. Station night club fire 100 people died, building completely collapsed
  3. Vendome Hotel Fire Boston Ma
  4. Sao Paulo Brazil CESP building
  5. Vandergraft Apts. Pitts. PA
  6. Newton Ma commercial multi story mall
  7. Military personell record center Overland MO
  8. Alexis Nihom Plaza Montreal Canada

That’s just a SHORT LIST…ALL buildingS WILL collapse if you CAN NOT get WATER on that Fire and they burn long enough and hot enough…SIMPLE…They’ll burn until they DROP.

As far as your briliant theory on the REPORTER standing with building 7 in the back ground???

The report that he gave was based on RADIO TRANSMISSIONS FROM FDNY Command…reporters were CONSTANTLY monitoring the Fire ground channels during that incident. COMMAND had sent out an EMERGENCY MESSAGE that building 7 was showing signs of an IMMINENT COLLAPSE…FDNY Commanders on the ground cleared the PILE of ALL rescuers when these signs were observed…That is standard operating procedure for ANY Fire department. That message is sent out VIA Radio and also with a series of LONG BLASTS on the air horns of on site apparatus. This is done so ALL personal can hear the evacuation signal regardless of whether thay have radio communications or not…THAT is where the reporter got that info…He, as MOST REPORTERS do at these scenes got a PART of the story…and as we all know FDNY commanders were RIGHT, that building DID collapse…I know you may find this hard to believe but being a Firefighter and reaching the rank of a Battalion Chief or District Chief means you’ve SEEN enough of these signs to UNDERSTAND what you are dealing with…ADD IN the fact that these guys JUST lost 300+ men and they were obviously VERY concerned about the condition of building 7 as it was BURNING with absolutley NO WATER being put on it…It wasn’t a matter of IF 7 collapsed…JUST WHEN!

Once AGAIN…This “reporter story” is a CLASSIC example of a simple, but REAL DETAIL, that all the FRUIT LOOPS out there DON’T MENTION!!!
The amazing thing…ALL those radio transmissions are RECORDED and TIME STAMPED by FDNY Fire Alarm Headquarters…It’s very EASY to listen to the tapes and then check it against the orignal reporters story which is also time stamped by that station…NEWS FLASH…IT’S ALREADY BEEN DONE!!! The REPORTER SCREWED UP.

See this is what happens when you BELIEVE everything you see on YOU TUBE and just accept it for FACT!!! You end up lookng like a complete JOKE when TIME LINES are laid out and REAL knowledge of operations that day are provided.

You mention that the building had BURNING debris dropped into it…
I’ve CUT THROUGH roofs like that at fires…It’s just corrigated STEEL. some foam insulation and THAT’S IT…Once that corrigated steel sheeting is breached YOU’RE IN THAT BUILDING…If the DEBRIS has fallen from 100 stories…IT’S GOING INTO THAT BUILDING…and that building is going to burn from the CENTER outward…PERFECT conditions for an eventual COLLAPSE!!!

Another point…Ever been in a multi story PARKING GARAGE??? What’s COVERING all that STEEL???


Gee…I wonder WHY all those BUILDERS just DECIDED to cover EVERY SQ INCH of STEEL with fire proofing??? Could it be that a CAR FIRE in the past caused the COMPLETE COLLAPSE of a STEEL parking garage???


Here’s a TIP…When a JUMBO JET slams into a building at 500mph…the FIRE PROOFING is NOT DESIGNED to take that…The steel AND the nearby fire proofing are DESTROYED…Now just what do you think HAPPENS to all the EXPOSED STEEL as FIRE heats it…FIRE that was NEVER suppose to TOUCH those supports…

ANSWER…THEY FAIL…At the connection points and once THEY GO the entire 20 stories ABOVE that level comes crashing down and with every floor added to the collapse it CASCADES down. This is a FACT…Not THEORY…

Stick to fixing wrecked cars.

Aren’t you lucky that you can get your questions answered about 9-11 right here on this site by an actual fire expert, FDjake.

You don’t also believe that the Holocaust didn’t happen, do you? And that men didn’t really walk on the moon?

Don’t forget the other well-documented terrorist bombings in London, Madrid, and on and on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At least I don’t hear people debating whether the earth is flat or not anymore.


Those videos are complete GARBAGE and have been PROVEN false by ENGINEERS that not only designed the Trade Center towers but also built MODELS to simulate similar conditions during the 9/11 incident.

If you REALLY believe this crap…I honestly have lost a lot of respect for you…It’s pathetic.