Zoning B-5


I found a property on an intersection where a community is being developed( around 200 houses and more).

I just talked to the realtor and found that its zoned B-5.
Property is in Texas. I was to build a neighbourhood Gas Station/Convenience Store. I own few convenience stores but never owned/built the real estate. So tons of questions.

  1. Plated? What does that mean?

  2. B-5 Does these codes have different meaning for each county? or its same for All of a state(TX)? or all the over the country?

  3. I was checking the county website but did not find info on the zoning. Any particular section I should be looking for?

  4. How easy is it to get rezoned? Are there firms that specializes in this? Any idea how much do they charge?

5)Even if its zoned for convenience store/gas station- this does not mean that the local Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission will allow sale of Beer/Wine. So its a catch 22. How to approach this.

So I was planning to get the property under contract and then go after these rezoning(if needed) and TABC License etc.

Your thoughts and answers is would be of great help.