How accurate are Zillow Rent Zestimates?

They’re not. They’re all over the place…in some places’s they’re pretty close, in others, very high, in others very low. Based on their unpredictability, I don’t use them.

My two cents…


They are not that accurate. However they are “somewhat accurate” … basically the website will usually give you a rough idea of what a house is worth in a particular area. However it is not always accurate - I will say that again. =) You always want to follow up with a current CMA from a realtor — that’s definitely the best way to value a single family house. Good luck!

In my opinion the best way to get rent estimates is with your Sunday newspaper ads/Craig’sList and a map. Plot the bedrooms and prices and you will see a trend. Then drive the ones closest to your rental house or area. Make comparisons like YOU are the renter. What would you pay to rent that house?


Thanks all! :beer

I use Zillow a lot.
I think it gives me a ballpark when comparing one neighborhood to another.
I do not trust the Zestimates and the rent estimates are worse.

Zillow also seems to ne different in different areas. Doesn’t give estimates at all for a town 40 miles from me.

I do look at the sales history and Zillow does show some comps, but picks even worse ones than a realtor.

So short answer I use it all the time, but wouldn’t trust it as an appraisal tool.

I must say that none of the online sites are Very much accurate. But you may consider Zillow as a good place to start your search.

Zillow’s algirithom is not accurate in rural, or areas without a lot of data, both from rent and sale prices.