zero down stated loans?

I have a buyer who had a lender who pre-approved him for a zero down stated loan for a 15 acre property in Manor, TX, just outside of Austin, but still in Travis county. He’s an A+ credit buyer and the loan is $205k.

I’m waiting on a call from Capital Farm Credit, but I was wondering if it’s even possible to get a zero or 5% down stated loan on a farm and ranch property. The girl I spoke to at Capital Farm didn’t even know what a stated income loan is.

Farm and Ranch properties are a little harder to find funding for. Buying acreage/property, as long as it is NOT a working farm is easier

What was the outcome of this deal?

Indy Mac will do Land/Lot Loans up to 20 Acres.
Some restrictions Apply.
They also have great Construction to Permanent Loans
based on finished Appraised Value 90% LTV

First, determine if this is a farm property. You’ll need to find out if it’s rural or suburban. If it’s a working farm or not. 15 acres shouldn’t be much of a hold up. Try Agri Financial Services. They specialise in Agricultural loans. Call them and get your answers today!

Here’s the link:

Don’t mess around with unknowledgable loan officers especially when it comes to agricultural farm loans. You’ll waste evrybodies time. Go straight to the lending source. Go for the jugular. Go to!