zero coupon bonds to buy real estate

anybody have any experience with? i need help-ASAP!

I also heard of someone who found investors and secured their money through treasury bonds. I don’t understand how you can buy treasury bonds and also have funds for real estate projects. This guy talked about how you would earn interest from the zero coupon bonds and also the real estate project. Interested in learning this method.


This sounds like the old Joe Land approach, updated for zeros.

You are supposed to buy a bond at a discount, and trade it to a seller for his equity at full face value.

Good luck with that. You have to find a really dumb seller to make this work. Then you have to throw away your ethics because you are depending upon the seller’s ignorance to make the deal fly.

This technique is just seminar guru hype designed to fill rooms and sell courses. I don’t know of anyone who has actually done one of these deals with an intelligent seller. They will work from the discounted present value of the bonds, not the future face value.