your REI favorite websites

What are your favorite REI websites?
My favorite, is this web site and ;D

Has either of you done any deals? if so, what type?

I have 2 rehabs, one is almost ready to go on the market

my other favorite is Hi john micheal!!!
yelena, wnted to ask you about your rehab projects. to come up with your repair cost did you use an inspector or a contractor or both. or maybe you or yourself are pretty handy. i’ve been teying to make a decision on this. i haven’t found a house yet but i’ve been trying to come up with a logical plan. oh yeah, an i like to find comps.

we do all ourselves. My husband is pretty handy

another good site is

I wanted to add another awesome site I left out I guess as a Mistake. I was pretty sure I added this last time, but anyway. . . is Pretty Good, Not as good as REI CLUB.

Hope everyone has a Wonderfull Holiday!

Happy Investing