Your Opinions, best sources for quality NOD/Foreclosure leads

Never tried posting a survey before, but I thought that this would be a good topic to do a survey on.

Just looking for everyones opinion or personal preference.

There are numerous posts regarding leads on NOD and Foreclosure properties.

It would seem, from looking at these posts, that the general consensus is that the internet lead sources have old and outdated information and are not worth the time or money.

It would appear that the best and freshest leads require a trip to the court house or knowing someone who has access to them.

Just thought that a summarization of everyones experience would be nice. :smiley:

I am surprised that out of 87 views only 3 people voted.

i just thought that this would give everyone a good overview of what was hot and what was not. ???

I get mine from the Recorder’s office website. I can get them the day they are recorded and have a letter in the mail that day. Plus it’s free! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Ryan

I get them from the Title company with Ownership and encumberance for every property!

Oh yeah they are free as well!

That way I see all liens prior to making an offer!

I get mine from the recorder’s Office. I am amazed tha tfor all the views that you have had on this post only a handfull of voted :-\

Well after a week of heavy voting! It appears that the most popular choice for obtaining leads was the county courthouse

Does it depend on the local courthouse policy when it comes to getting these? I have not had any luck getting them to cough them up. I will get it out of them eventually. :slight_smile:

I deal with a local title company that gets them for me

How do you go about getting them from title companies?


I have a friend who works for the title company ;D

Thanks for responses ;D