Your Opinion...

In your personal opinion, which real estate market is currently thriving the most?

I heard Atlanta was doing well. Condos are being overbuilt central, but Greater Atlanta is affordable and has demand.

We’re doing well in Texas due to growth, low prices, etc. Dallas and Austin are appreciation markets. San Antonio and Houston are stable rental markets.

Killeen is about 90 mins from Austin and has Ft. Hood, one of the largest army base in the world. With 15,000 troops coming home there, the rental market should be solid. I just learned of some off-market deals there, so we’re going to buy up a bunch of multifamily rentals near the base.

Yes would definately have to agree with Texas thriving, but I would also add some parts of Idaho, Colorado and New Mexico.

I heard Idaho was booming, which may mean it’s too late. Not sure where it is in the cycle. New Mexico is beautiful, but I’m not sure where to invest there that isn’t expensive.

You really need to know what your doing Investing in Idaho and New Mexico as you know Investing is about demo and economics.

There are several sites online that allow you to pull economics of areas, I highly recommend seeking these out and doing research before doing any Investing anywhere.

Best of luck!