Your Nothing but a Trained Monkey

I have been watching videos on You Tube on multiple subjects. I’m very interested in Kinesics or body language.
One video was from a young guy that shows how to walk with confidence.
The comments below the video were mostly positive but a few were from some angry negative people.
One comment was that “How sad to pretend your something your not”, and another was that the originator of the video was “nothing more than a trained monkey”.

That comment seemed so wrong and yet also seemed spot on. I’ve been practicing my walk and when I went to the grocery store awhile ago I was doing my walk unconsciously as its getting to be an ingrained habit now. As I was coming out of the store I noticed a car out of the corner of my eye with several people sitting in it. I hear a voice say, “he’s a big shot” and I hear another voice say, “he’s got a nice car”

It is interesting how I can manipulate people’s image of me by how I walk & stand and eye contact etc.
I’m also learning how to manipulate my tone of voice and will emphasize certain words and points I want to make to the distressed homeowners. I’m not religious but I like to watch preachers giving their sermons and how they evoke emotion and mind control over the lost sheep.
I believe these learned traits along with my listening skills give me an advantage over other investors.

I once read an article on how a submissive walk can make you a target for crime, seems a robber is less likely to go after somebody that looks like he knows wat he’s doing.
I’m thinking that everything we do takes some training, every job I’ve done I needed to learn some skills, even my hobbies takes training, gardening, flying, shooting.
Imagine this trained monkey that got some training and learned how to slam real estate deals.

I have always been interested in the subject of body language and I remember this particular time I went on a sales job interview b4 I started wholesaling real estate.
I was sitting an chatting with the receptionist and in walks the head honcho, I knew I cud do this job standing on my head, I stand up feeling confident as hell and walked towards him with my hand outstretched and this poor guy had a look of fear, and looking me up and down and it took him a few minutes to relax. I didnt get the job.
One of my old jobs the boss was over heard talking about me and said, “he walks around here like he owns the place”.
I enjoy observing people walk and interacting with each other, we all do it unconsciously, but I’m aware.

My favorite bird dog/Investor Bob has brought me about a dozen deals in the last 5 yrs, and most I split profits 50/50 with him. The day I feared has come. Bob has learned how to wholesale these properties on his own. What the hell was I thinking? Actually it feels great to help him get going, he’s a hard working guy, almost 70 yrs old and out here putting up bandit signs himself, and that’s how he just slammed this latest deal.
He just emailed me a photo of a check for $12,500 from a Title Company. He’s done a lot of small deals for $1,000 to $2,500
We split a $27,500 assignment fee last summer, and this is his biggest deal on his own I believe.
I gotta get my signs out.

12500 off of a bandit. Now that’s impressive.

Here is Bob’s email to me.

Had signs up in Lindsay, so many are taken down, and even got a call from code enforcement in Porterville saying $500 fine, but thanks to Google voicemail their unable to track us down. I got another that closed a week ago or so just $1,500 but it really helped, was nearly broke!! That was direct mail and have anther next Friday for $5,000 and each of those larger could have gotten much more, I’m too much of a softy. Great Deals on the big one, especially the $12,500 could have made maybe $20k that good of a deal, looking going in I should have bought it, 3 apartments or triplex for $65K ARV was $175K wow…next one like that I’m buying and holding. I’m on the second time around on my 5,000 name list and will be buying more names…thanks Rand-O keep the faith

Wild man …Bob

Yeah I need to close this deal I’m working on soon because I need cash flow. I have started setting up a callrail account and I’m going to buy 100k from list giant. It’s like 1200 for 100k at. 01. Best part is you don’t have to buy the entire 100k at once. I think if I add a investor carrot site to the mix as well I will have a solid lead flow. I should also add bandits in the mix but they get taken down so fast and cost a decent amount in labor and price.