Your House Won't Sell?

Now this is what I call creative selling.

John $Cash$ Locke

But, John, unfortunately, you look nothing like that!



Let’s see… should I buy this house that is giving away a free plasma tv…

or should I go with the one that is giving away a real live woman? :slight_smile:

Here I thought giving away a Free Corvette with a home purchase was creative, well now I am changing my strategy.

First I will head on down to the local Modeling Agency. Give a presentation to the ladies who work there, explaining that not only can I introduce them to a wealthy gentlemen for matrimony purposes, but they also will live in the Million Dollar Plus home they are pictured with as it part of the deal.

The close is when they see the property they will be living in, not a tough sale in my mind.

I will start looking for Million Dollar Plus houses that I can purchase correctly, then advertise one of the selected models that will come with the property.

John $Cash$ Locke