Your First Deal

I know there’s probably a post regarding this topic already on here somewhere, but as a newbie trying to find his way, I would love to hear your stories (if you have time).

What was your first deal?? When, what, how much, lesson(s) learned, are you still doing these types of deals, etc.


damn y’all, 57 hits, and NOBODY want’s to brag about their first deal???

I don’t think there are many “braggers” on this site. My first deal I made $7,000 and was lucky as hell to make that, and I have made less on deals since then. You want to hear success stories, google “real estate gurus”, and then buy their program for $8,000.

I can’t think of any good reason to give my personal information to someone who curses at me.

Or to anyone else, come to think of it.

touchy…very touchy. :biggrin

movinandshakin - reiclub is a great forum and an awesome resource that can help you find your way. That being said, you might get a better response if you first spend some time reading and learning. Then ask specific questions about what types of strategies you are considering.