Your favorite book on tax lien / deed sales?

Can you guys recommend your favorite book on tax lien / deed sales?

In Texas we have tax deed sales, so anything that pertains to that or mentions that would be ideal.


I only know of “The 16% Solution” by Moskowitz. I haven’t done liens but when I have money I will for sure. The book is a start, at least.

I don’t think that The 16% Solution will help you very much. It’s really a book on tax liens and Texas is a redeemable deed state. Darius Barazandeh has a really good program on Texas tax deeds. He’s a Texas Attorney. The name of his program is Texas Houses for Pennies II. I recommend it on my site, but you can find it here on as well. Just look in All Investing Products under Darius Barazandeh.

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