"Your car warranty is about to expire"


We’ve been receiving massive amounts of these calls at work (military installation). The first few times I tried to politely explain to them they were calling a government installation and needed to remove all numbers with our area code and prefix from their call list. I also registered our numbers thru their automated options to be removed. We started by getting the warranty calls. Finally after yelling many choice words into the phone during one of the calls, we stopped receiving warranty calls. Next came the repair your credit calls. The latest one is for health-care plans which is completely stupid considering the military actually has a working heath-care plan in place. We’ve been getting those SPAMS thru our fax machine, so that’s not even safe either.

These places are even targeting their “customers” anymore–just blasting people by area code.

I was getting about calls a day from these people and it stopped completely about a month ago. What’s interesting is that they went to the trouble of using spoofing the caller id numbers, but then got greedy or stupid, calling people five times a day, putting themselves too far above the radar. The article says they placed 40 million calls! :rolleyes