young man(19) in need of some guidance

Hello to everyone on this forum. My name is Patrick Henry and I have recently engaged on a new business venture. I have recently became a Cash Flow Consultant, with the intentions of becoming solely specialized in the area of Commericial Real Estate financing/Hard Money Lending. I work with many funding sources that reward me a commision for bring them deals. My motive in life is to become successful so I can help myself and help others. I just wanted to know if any one could give me any advice on closing my first deal. I am willing to give any up 50% of all my commisions to any one who give me deals and helps me close them. I am only 19 and I would love to become successful in this business so I can further my education in college, because I really don’t want to be glued to student loans. I am open to all critism…so it would be most appreciated if someone would respond…God Bless

Read Read Read and then Read some more. Networking is key. Do you have local investor meetings? Check it out and if so, start attending. Take your time and do not jump into anything.

…my 2 cents

thank u dearly for ur response…i enjoy all critism and i always enjoy hearing advice from a wiser source…thank u again…God Bless :wink: