Young investor looking for advice

Hello everyone,

I am 15 almost 16 years old at the time. I have read real estate books, done much research, and listened to many tapes. I have learend a lot from my father who is currently a part time real estate investor. I have learned about “bird dogging”. It sounds really intresting to me. I feel that its a very good way of gaining cashflow. I am getting my drivers lisence in a few months so I will be able to drive etc. As much as I know I am still looking to learn more.

Stuff Like:
Is it smart to have bird dogging as a business and get more tax advantages?

Any Information on deeds you might know.

and anything else that might be good to know.

please respond with some feedback and asnwers, I appreciate it.


Hello adam,

Bird dogging would be a great way to get started, if you arent already, you might want to start going to your local realestate investment club to find people or other investors to bird dog for. And of course you could always bird dog to your dad.

The only setback might be your age, Im really not that sure if you can be a minor and still do this even though I dont see any reason you couldnt, you should check with your state laws.


Hi Adam,

Great to see your interest in real estate investing at such a young age - you will find that most states will not allow you to enter into a contract because you are not of legal age as of yet but you can go through another adult to do this but if will take an amount of trust on your part.

You will find that many will not want to do business because of your age so you will have to be vary convincing.

Let nothing stop you in getting involved in real estate investing,

Yeah what johnmichael said too. ;D