You want a Savings account that pays?

I recently spoke with a client of mine from the asian pacific. She had been speaking of the money she has in her savings account with one of the local banks here in southern Cali… She was offered by the financial service rep to open a savings account in addition to her newly formed checking acct.

Now, I was a financial service rep/ personal banker once and I remember as a banker you earn points for opening accounts, selling cds, signing people up for credit card offers, getting them a visa check card, and so on… but to put money in an acct which earns nothing?

It is no secret that many people are walking around with savings accounts and who do nothing but save their money under a pillow.

So after some discussion, I mentioned that INGdirect has a great interest rate for savings accounts and that she should look into it.

Not sure if anyone knows where to put that money in your savings account… It certainly need not be sitting earning nothing for you. Curious to see if anyone has a better deal than this: or

I don’t work for INGdirect or HSBC but it sure continues to look like the best place to put your one savings acct that you do own!

Just a friendly golden nugget. Put your money to work for you!

Offering financial options.

best of luck.


AWESOME I was so shocked of the rate. I just finished opening an account. Thanks

HSBC Direct is paying 4.00% APR

Both are APR…on ING’s site look to the left of the graph.