You guys aren't going to believe this!

But I’m going to post it anyway!

We recently purchased two rental properties. I went to place the for rent sign in the front yard of one of them and discovered that the previous owner has told some tenants that they could stay in my house! There are some crackheads at my house!!! I am at my wits end. The previous owner has got to be out of his mind. The work on my other property has not been completed (as per the contract) so I am having to pay the first month’s mortgage because this idiot hasn’t completed the work! I have definitely learned so much from these two transactions! I will never make the mistakes I made with these.

Has anybody ever had anything similar to this happen? I want to get those people out of there so I can clean up the house and get it ready for some legitimate tenants (we’ve been getting several calls, but can’t get anybody in the house because of the previous owner’s actions/inaction).

Oh yeah I have had this happen! And let me tell ya sorry it happened to you! Was the work in the contract? Also in the contract there should be a place about rent’s do you see that? Another thing to find is the lease with the people! Do you have a copy of that?

In addition to due diligence, you should be entering into an agreement as to the disposition of the existing tenants at the time of and as part of the purchase contract. If you do not know them, you should be qualifying them as tenants before you close the deal. If you know they are not good, the contract should indicate that they will be out and the property vacant at least 5 days before closing so you can do your inspections. If they aren’t, the contract has been breached and you may want to get out of it.

However, if the deal is worth it, you may want to go through with it and just get rid of them yourself.

if the tenants have a lease, then they can stay until it expires. If they are month to month (or have no lease at all), then you need to serve them formal, written notice to vacate within a time prescribed by local laws (probably 30 days). Just becuase you took title does not mean you immediately put them out.

If they do not moved out in the prescribed time, you will need to start formal eviction proceedings.

I don’t think made this clear- These people have no lease. The tenant who was there before has already gone. I don’t know who these people are. I just talked to the previous owner and he’s saying that they are probably there to watch the house. I told him I want them out or I will call the police. These are people that he knows. Why he thinks that it is ok to allow them into our house, I don’t know. He’s at the doctor’s office now, so I couldn’t really have the kind of conversation with him that I want to have. These people are known crackheads and thieves. I want them OUT!

The previous owner says “they are probably there to watch the house”??? Watch it do what? Will it be performing tricks??? Obviously, then he doesn’t know why they are there, either. They are “squatters”.

If you own the house, they have no lease, and you want them out, they are trespassing…notify them and call the Police/Sheriff.

I would put the onus on them to prove thaty have a right to be on the property.

My two cents.


Yeah, my husband is on it right now. I was a little leary about approaching them by myself. These houses are not in the best area (as I’ m sure you already surmised) and I didn’t want to put myself in a dangerous situation.


Theiving crackheads with a free place to live – What sort of danger could they impose??? (He said sarcastically)

Just kidding…(sorry)…BE VERY CAREFUL!!!

Let us know what happens!


Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL! You should have the sheriff/police escort you to the property to confront the individuals. Also, bring along a locksmith. This is for your own protection! Then, once they are out, get someone in there ASAP to avoid them coming back.

You need the police for two reasons. 1) It shows that you are serious. 2) For your literal and legal safety.

Yes, we plan on changing the locks asap. My husband finally spoke with the previous owner and he has advised him to tell those squatters that they are no longer welcome. If they are not out tonight, then tomorrow we plan on going there with the police. The place stinks to high heaven and we need to get it decent for some new tenants.

I don’t mean to laugh, but if you don’t have a lease with them, and they never lived there, maybe you should go there with the police and have them removed right away. (After all, aren’t they trespassing?) How did they get into the house, I mean, do they have keys or did they just break in there?

Just my 2 cents because I have done this before if you just kick them out they might TRASH the house worse then it is! I would offer them $500.00 dollars to leave it clean it will save you money in the long run! Trust me! I have had tenants late late late on there rent that I have offered $1,000.00 to move out and leave it clean! Of course after they move and ask me for the $$ I tell them I will take it out of what they owe me! LIKE I AM EVER GOING TO SEE IT ANYWAY!

Well how about if he puts them to work in the house( yanno cleaning it up) in the mean while , while they’re busy thinking they’re gonna have more crack money he’s changing the locks, and after the work is done, send them to the store with $20 and lock the place up b4 they get back.

                              How bout that? ;D

I agree with REO, offer money - if they think they can score more crack, they’ll be running to the dealer. At that time, change the locks!

But don’t you think you’d have them thinking they have some kind of leavage on you if you paid them off, from them on they would think that they can do the same thing over & over and get free money, that’s like giving a stay dog a bone, he’ll keep coming back for more.
If it was me, I would let the police handle them, that way they’ll know you’re really serious about your property. 8)

I will bet if its anything like Colorado the Police will say it is a civil matter! Even though yes it is tresspassing the police will not chance a lawsuit! Its there word aganist your’s and the other owner! Also I think it’s worth $500.00 to get them out and have it clean!

smh, you just can’t trust those crackheads though, you never know what they’re thinking, you just don’t know. The next time they run out of drugs, they gonna think they can come back the the money tree and pull the same ol’ act off again. New Orleans police will come and ask to see a lease, and believe me, somebody will have to leave that house ( no questions asked).

Wait Crack head’s in New Orleans I have been down there for mardi gras a few times I would never expect a drug problem there!!!LOL

Try it and see I bet its a civil matter! I would like to know though keep us informed!

Here in Colorado if they have ever and I mean ever recived as much as a piece of mail there you have to evict!

Oh wow, don’t tell me that you’re 1 of those tourist that takes it off for junk mardi gras beads? no huh lmao

Yeah keep us informed, but 1st of all, protect yourself from those people…