You all missed 100% GAIN within a month, with this stock

Check my last post… SPNG was @ 11 cents and since jumped up to 23 cents… and it’s just getting STARTED!

Maybe you all might wanna take a look at it now in between all the bitching and moaning about Obama!

And importantly, maybe people will start using this forum to talk about how to MAKE MONEY again!! :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin

Consider this my way of contributing to this forum for all that I’ve gotten from it. You can thank me later.


sillybunz? I did tell you last month, July 21st to be exact. You said you had $1500, but based on your posts it seems like you got too caught up in insulting Obama and saying all his supporters are bumbling idiots.

Want good news? This stock is still a bargain so get in on it. Even at 20cents it’s a HUGE bargain based on it’s long term potential.

Okay sillybunz. :slight_smile:

And also, I wasnt insulting Obama, i was insulting Liberals who want to steal my money. But… point taken.

…and a 20 cent stock can go to ZERO so fast it will make your head spin!

Hoosier. If you’re interested in buying stocks, you’ll be best served learning how to make your investment decisions. Its a pretty big undertaking but I’m having fun learning as I go. I made a ittle and lost a little. But I’m actually happy that I’ve learned enough to break even.

And importantly, maybe people will start using this forum to talk about how to MAKE MONEY again!! :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin

AGREE 100%!!!

Instead of all the POLITICAL COMMENTARY which just DIVIDES people here and produces NOTHING…INVESTMENT topics can help everyone make $$$$$ and seem to bring everyone TOGETHER.


Hear, hear!

Let’s teach each other how to make money and stay ahead in this economy. I’ve learned a ton on this site. I’m thinking much more of the national economic waves rather than little ripples in my own pond.

And I’ve learned that Conservatives are not as dumb as they look. :biggrin



Lets all make more money so the Government can take more and more of it! :shocked

lol… jp. (somewhat)

I guess pelosi looks brilliant :rolleyes However,I can somewhat agree with yall on the political divide.I just can’t wrap my head around how all you evil capitalist(aka those who seek profit)can go with any liberal views WHICH ARE AGAINST THE VERY THING WE ARE DOING!

I personally love a profit,so does my wife& 4 yr old.And I will "spread my wealth"when/where I please.Which also is the opposite of what the radical lawyers in charge want.

I agree. That is why I do real estate. I use this site to give me ideas about real estate. I don’t really get advice for stocks from here just like I don’t get ideas for healthcare. I made $54,000 on my last deal. The amount of money I ended up with in the deal after the refinance was $0. That is $54,000 divided by zero or an infinate return. I think infinate beats 100%.



Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you have to actually make money before they start taxing it?

:beer :beer :beer :beer :beer :beer :beer :beer

AGREED!!! Let’s get back to discussions about making money…This political BS is total waste of time.

[size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt] :doh[/size][/size][/size][/size] Ouch!

Gee I guess so Chris. Apparently I dont have to make make money before they can legislate to take it away from paying off their programs.

Im tired of this shut up about taxes since you dont make any money yet attitude. Im supposed to shut up and watch Liberals like you call for programs THAT WILL SPEND MY MONEY THAT I MAKE IN THE FUTURE to fund?

Im 18 and im going to college full time. (Yes, im actually going to try and pull myself out of the middle class, Liberals dont think I can do it without the assistance of the government, because im not good enough, but im gonna try!)

Let me ask you something Chris. How old were you when you started really making money? Would you be upset if you were 18, and they were passing legislation that was going to CRIPPLE you and your children and your childrens children in debt, YET, some people told you to shut up because you didnt pay taxes? HELLO!!! It is MY money.

How old were you when you started making money Chris? Because unless you started making money before you were 18, you need to realize im not some loser whos opinion is a joke. I imagine unless you inherited a large amount of money, you probably didnt start making money until a little later yes?

If I were some 30 year old dude who hadn’t made money yet… that’d be a different story. But come on… Seriously.

You know what… Nvm. Im sure im just going to get some smarty bash answer anyway. You feel the way you feel and some guy on the internet isnt going to change it. Forget it.

I dont want hijack this thread. Keep talking about investments.

I would’nt let anyone bother you,you are far past most your age that in itself is priceless.I don’t think Christopher is a liberal,who knows.I only wish I would’ve been as informed and well planned as you when I was 18.I started my own business after high school,made good money,blew good money.You’ll go far in life just keep to your beliefs.Even Christopher probably agrees that you’re not the average clueless 18yr old.


Relax man…This political arguing is really taking it’s toll on this forum. People are getting TIRED OF IT…I know I AM!!! It accomplishes NOTHING.

IT DIVIDES US…and here’s what we ALL need to remember…

NONE…Not one of the people IN POWER right now are going to be there in a few short years…They’ll screw up just like the folks that went before them…Voters will get PO’d and throw them out and a new group will come in…

The only thing that will stay the same is???

N O T H I N G W I L L C H A N G E…

So why argue about this stuff…If I showed you how to take $1000 and turn it into $5000 would you care of I was a democrat or a republican??? I know I wouldn’t if the tables were turned and THAT my friend is what this place is all about…

Helping each other PROSPER!!!

This has absolutely nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats - it has to do with capitalists and socialists! If we allow the socialists to take over the country as Osama wants, things WILL CHANGE - as in our country will be destroyed. NOTHING could be more pertinent to investing than whether this country will remain a capitalist nation or turn into a socialist country!

To be quite honest, I’m expecting a war before this is over!

I know you understand the birth and life of the federal reserve, probably better than I do. Just knowing that much is a tough sell to the majority of people. Then a well known extension to that corruption is the fact that Obama does NOT make the final calls.

He’s a puppet who is put in place to further an agenda that’s taking place behind the scenes. He was the right person at the right time, and the country was sold on this baseless concept of HOPE. It was a genius, flawless campaign and it worked because people don’t think for themselves. The media does the thinking for them. “Forget all our broken systems/policies, America just elected it’s first black president… talk about progress and moving in the right directions! Talk about not lending $400k to minimum wage workers anymore! I can feel the change already!”

If you look at the underlying US policies and problems around the world, they STILL exist. NOTHING has changed. This country has been hijacked long time ago and Obama can’t do anything about it.

Say what you want, but Obama is a true success story. Just a few years ago, he was walking down the streets of Chicago as a nobody. Today he looks, acts, talks, and lives as our president. I’m sure Obama had sincere hopes and dreams when he stepped into office, but he must have soon realized that there are things outside of his control. He has NO control over them. He can’t change the world. He has to kiss certain ass, please certain people. He has to do what he’s told. He has to believe that “at least I’ll do what I can, it’s better than doing nothing.” It’s still a game of politics.

“At least I’ll print more money to keep the economy afloat, it’s better than an all out bust.”

And you know what, he’s right. My point here is, going against Obama doesn’t solve anything. If you understand the federal reserve, then why aren’t more people waking up to the fact that this once-great-nation is controlled and owned by outside parties who don’t give a flying f@#$ about you, me, or anybody else except their own and their evil, sinister agenda.

I’ll stop here… I haven’t even entered the rabbit hole yet, it gets much deeper. I doubt most people even follow what I’m trying to say up to this point. But this is the real issue at hand. I don’t discuss it, because I don’t have a solution to it.

I’ve actually sided with fdjake… his view is… “OKAY I understand there’s major corruption, but how I make money from that? How can I benefit from knowing that?”

And I agree with that view, while we’re all stressing and debating over politics and solving nothing. He’s out there making moves, making money, taking advantage of the current conditions.

The big agenda will continue on regardless of what you do. But to say that this is all Obama’s fault, or as you put it… Osama, the cartoon character that lives in a cave and defeated the most powerful defensive system in the history of humanity using 5 immigrants and boxcutters, while our genius president was reading an upside-down book to kids… well to actually believe that is just silly. But, what’s the saying… “the bigger the lie, the easier it becomes to believe?”

It’s not the socialist, capilistis, republicans, democrats… it’s humanity FAILING. No other way for me to put it. It’s inevitable. Humanity fell asleep. The quest for power and corruption remained awake.

I think the real question, the REAL debate… is


Is all this really about money and power? One world government? Controlling the populations? Is the price of suffering, death, disasters, crisis, worth the end goal? Well, it seems to be worth it for these people. This is the reality that we live in. We send our soldiers/patriots/kids to fight and die in wars based on lies, deception, and PROFIT. We accept the deaths of a million innocent people in a country that was illegally invaded. We watch and base our beliefs on what idiot box tells us is real. This is the original battle of good vs evil disguised in politics, wars, terrorism, money, ETC.

And I don’t think the answers can be found in politics. The answers to this goes back to our purpose on this planet. At least for me it does.

Now if you’ll excuse me and my rant, my original thread was hijacked so I continued the hijacking. But I don’t plan to continue on with these debates. If you have advice on doubling my money please share it so I can do something with the time I have left in this broken world that we live in!