Yo Lscalder!!!

Slow your roll.

Everyone already knows that you’re a senior loan officer and can help them.

You posted this in about a dozen different replies . Can you tell a difference between yours and everyone elses responses? Easy, yours have absolutely no value.

Try coming up with something that will be useful.

yes mine do have value because their are alot of loan officer that do not specilize in the type of loans that i can get approved. i specialize in foreclosure bankrupcy can get client approved who are behind in their mortgage 270 days i bet you won’t find a lot of loan officers who can do that or I get get a client with crdit score under 580 100%.
I do difficult loans which do get approved. now thats why i put in my posting due to the fact that majority of the loan officer only deal with clients with perfect credit or in the perfect situation. I love a challenge so i deal with the hard to do loans and goods loan but mostly hard to do loans.


I would have to say that any loan officer, that expects to stay in the business, has access to a variety of Lenders including subprime.

As everyone is aware the New housing Market is starting to slow down as interest rates rise. Most brokers have either shifted their attention to the subprime market or at least have a higher percentage of clients than in the past.

Your ability to get clients 100% with a 580 is a common loan scenario. Nothing earth shattering there. 1 day out of BK and BK buyouts as well as foreclosure buyouts are common occurences also.

I think the point that Ben is making is that this NOT an advertising board. Help people with your knowledge. Make valid helpfull responses. This is how you earn the respect that you are looking for! :wink:

I can get client approve with 560 100% purchase. I can also get client approve with no employment.

I can get client approve with 560 100% purchase. I can also get client approve with no employment.


So… you have access to some of the same lender programs that most brokers do. Those programs are not remarkable.

I think that you are missing the point. This is not about, “my programs are better than yours.” It is about helping fellow posters with their questions.

Wow can’t you be nice, why do have to put the guy down. He’s just trying to get his Name out.

You don’t have to be a jerk.

The “guy” is not a guy…

This user has broken all but one of the Forum Rules since joining the Forums last night…I spent a significant amount of time trying to clean up the aftermath this morning.

She’s not trying to just get her name out, she’s “board hustling”…

The one rule she didn’t break was name-calling and you broke that one for her.


Wow can't you be nice, why do have to put the guy down. He's just trying to get his Name out.

You don’t have to be a jerk.

Starlite34, I am sorry that you construed my posting as “being a jerk” I think that you are reading more in to it than necessary.

My intent was to inform him/her that this is not an advertising site and that if they “wanted to get their name out”, there are proper ways to do so that follow the Forum rules. Not violate them. the rules are there to prevent the site from becoming an advertising forum. Like many others have.

Just sounds like the guy is looking for some business thats all.

didn’t mean to offend you, just trying to see his point of view.

BTW Lscalder Reiclub has a place for you to post an ad

Go to the Real Estate Classifieds

You boys behave!! There’s to much Testosterone floating around in here

Have a Good Week


I enjoyed this post everyone.

What the long term posters here are trying to say is that we are here to help people and answer their questions. We aren’t just soliciting business.

That being said we all know this is a great source of leads, and a great source of knowledge. No matter how experienced you are there is always something to learn. Just take your time with the postings, Try to help people and the investors here (they are very smart people) will use their discretion and choose who they think can take good care of them. Just chill on the postings.

LScalder, all of your programs are pretty basic throughout the industry. Most brokers that work the sub prime area can do all of these loan scenarios, Everyone else that has posted is absolutely correct.

Tell me the truth can you get someone 90% LTV with a 450 Credit Score with the rates not being HM?

I think that right there is a special niche that not many people have access to, but I could be wrong.

Man. Everyone wants to be a popular as me! ;D

Just don’t sell yourself short in the process… :-*

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You are sooooo lucky! They will not let us drink anything w/ caffeine!
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Argh…anyone else watching todays pricing? :cry:

you mean watching it go like my bloodpressure?


It is interesting that here have not been any midday prices changes in almost a month and there have been 2 in the past 2 days. Lock’em if you gottem!

FNMA 30 Year Prices for April have droped over .5% in the last 3 days…God I hope they retrace some in the next couple of days… it’s getting a little hairy here… :argue:

Excuse me Mr Mark Haas, but what kind of statement was that?

How did I come off as a jerk in anyway for you to make that statement. My comment was pretty straight forward. I’m glad to see business is slow for you.