Yext, worth it or not?

So there is a lot of debate about business directories being worth it or not. I have always said yes it is worth it because no matter what, you get a citation out of it.

But here I am talking about entering your business for free.

Now I am talking about Yext. If you do not know what that is please dont answer. I am actually looking for serious informative replies.
It is a 500 dollar service. Any of you using it? Did it actually help with the rankings?

Really, Jerry? There is a ‘lot of debate’ about ‘business directories?’

Who is debating this?

I’m in the real estate business, and I’ve never heard an ounce of debate about directories, much less ‘free’ ones.

Why would you need to mention this is a ‘$500’ service, if you only invite those who’re paying $500 to use it, to share their experiences? Otherwise, the ones who are using it, already know how much it costs.

You need to disguise you ads better. At least you didn’t include a link. Pffft. :beer

dude, you need to relax a bit. You are WAY too uptight.
I mentioned it is a 500 dollar service to accentuate it is expensive.
Let me rephrase that Q for you so even you can understand.

Is 500 dollars worth the results you got from using yext w.r.t. SEO.

If you can not be helpful why answer and just be an annoyance?
Also not because YOU have not noticed debate about business directories doesnt mean NO ONE has. Egotistic much?
Me, I think business directories are worth it.
Countless of people say it isn’t. Hence, debate. And I will guess you will be a bit butthurt with my reply, and I am not here to get involved with petty arguments. So please either be helpful, or go nag someone else’s serious question.
Have a lovely day

Jerry, obviously you’re offended by my frank feedback, so let me rephrase what I posted, so that you’ll be less offended and more understanding.

You’re terrible at writing advertorials. And just for giggles, based on the lack of interest shown by any other potential posters here, regarding your ad about paid directories, or debates about them, NOBODY cares.

Does that help?

Yext is well worth it. I signed up this year and got 62 citations/listing from it. The amount of time it would have taken me to physically sign up for the 62 listings makes it well worth it. Plus, if you make a change, it changes it across all 62 listings immediately.

Yext can cut the burden of manually adding your business on those citations sites, but it has its own cons. Aside of the $500-$1000 price tag, your citations will be gone if you don’t renew your plan. I guess Yext is good for those who have bigger wallets. Just saying. :smile

brightlocal has a table that lists features of each citation service.

I’d rather do the listings myself though it’s quite pricey. Why not outsource the process on a freelance site or something, it could save you a lot of time and money

I’ve tried it for listing some businesses. It’s not too fast but worth giving a try. (y)

Yext is a citations service that you fill out 1 time and it automatically and instantly fills out about 50 of the top citations. So it is time-saving tools & helps to correct the listing.

I guess you can add it into your advertising cost. I just hate the fact that you have to continue to pay or your citations are gone.

Outsourcing to a freelance site is the cheapest option.

As someone who is very experienced in SEO as I’m building my Real Estate business, Yext is terrible.


  1. DIY
  2. Hire someone to manually complete the directories for you
  3. Look up Synup - Similar to Yext but one “Yearly” fee. The directories don’t disappear like Yext does.
  4. Brightlocal as mentioned above. Roughly 2-4$ per listing.

I prefer #1 or 2 because you keep all the usernames and passwords to the accounts so if you ever need to change anything you can.
3 and 4 both you will have to re-claim the listing if any info is ever needed to be updated which can take upwards of 4 months.

No joke, these directories are very un-responsive which is why they decided to partner with Yext in the first place, to manage the directory for them.