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O.k. could be one of the dumber questions asked, but here it goes…how do you go see the inside of an bank owned foreclosure? No, I know with my eyes,silly! I mean when I call, the people I talk to want to know that I already have a lender, so a sale is even possible(especially at the price they have listed at).I mean I know I have to see the inside to see what condition it’s in and I understand they don’t want to waste their time, so how do I approach this? Do you say you work with investors or what way you plan on working this property, e.g. SS/wholesale or what?
Thanx for your input.

The best thing to do is find an agent who will show them to you. You can call the listing agent, but it’s better to have a relationship with a buyer’s agent to help you.

bank owned property here is listed with a real estate agent. So If I want to see the inside, my agent calls their agent. There is a lock box on the door, just like any other listing

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Yes, It is with an agent. The question is not if the agents going to actually take me inside or not. Reread my post re: the lender ???'s & with regards to my intentions with the property, e.g. SS/wholesale ? Thanx again. Maybe I didn’t explain it quite as good as I thought.

They don’t really need to know what you plan on doing with the property. They just want it sold- so make sure, whatever you decide to do, that either you or someone else is going to close on it if you get it under contract. If you start walking away from deals, you will develop a bad reputation rather quickly. I would not suggest that you tell them you are planning on wholesaling the property. I doubt your offer will be presented with much enthusiasm if you do.

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