Yellow Pages Display Ad Results?

I was wondering what kind of results others are having with their yellow pages advertising. I have a dollar bill sized ad in the local yellow pages and don’t think I get as many leads as I should from it. Tend to get about 10 per month.

I know more people are online these days and don’t use the phone book, but I wonder if other investors are not getting better results.

Thanks for you help.

Please do not take this the wrong way, but in the entire yellow pages, you have one, dollar-bill sized advertisement? Seems like you undermarketed. Look to do bandits in the area to circulate your name a little bit more

Thank you for your reply, even if it was not what I was asking. I do several other forms of marketing and of which are completely discussed in detail on my blog.

I am simply looking for other investors’ results with the yellow pages. I’m sure there are differences from location to location, ad size and location with the yellow pages, etc., but am still interested in hearing what kind of results you are getting.