Yellow (Mary Letter) Letter Long Copy

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Great Job Michael! It looks very similar to what I’m doing. I did a long mary letter a while back and got very little response, so I quit and went back to keeping it short and simple (works best for me and my market). Do you find that using bulk stamps works well? Meaning, do the sellers actually open the letters with this type of stamp? I’ve always been curious as to whether a seller would rather open a letter that appears to be from a friend or family versus a professional letter.

As always, thanks for the great information. I wish I had a sponsor such as you.

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The stamp is a stamp, it is not a machined imprint. Its an American flag much like a 44 cent stamp.

So THAT’S how they mass-print yellow letters and keep the text “within the lines” they simply print the lines along with the text!

Great info as always Mike!

Wow… now that’s a different approach forsure! Is your respone rate any different from the old fashion one to two liners?

I’ve been using this letter frequently for my short sales and have been getting about a15-20% return… which isn’t too bad shabby. I print it on a 5x5 colored border post it note…