Yellow Letters

I’m looking to begin wholesaling in the near future and was curious if standard operating procedure is to actually mail yellow letters?

I tend to believe first impressions are key, and was looking to invest in some decent stationery / correspondence cards for my mailing campaign and was wondering if anyone has tried this method?

The yellow letter campaign is just sending simple hand written notes on yellow lined legal notepad paper
using red ink with a small handwritten envelope.
It makes it seem more personal like the potential sellers are dealing with some regular folks.
Using fancy stationary cud defeat that purpose.
The theory is people will respond better to a handwritten letter than a printed letter.
And it works for me. I’ve had good luck writing to absentee owners.
It’s expensive though, make sure you know how to follow thru with offers and getting some deals.

Yellow Letters are not standard procedure, but the reason many investors use them are because of the response rate.

When you mail a postcard you get 0.5%- 2%

When you mail a yellow letter you get 10%-15% sometimes more.

I would suggest if your new send the yellow letter it allows you to speak to more sellers to get the practice in.

Either way it doesn’t matter what you mail as long as you mail something.

Getting started is the hardest part.