yellow letters question

What color is the envelope? White?

should be a colored envelope. like an invitation or something personal.

It shouldn’t matter, as long as they are curious to open it. Don’t make them feel you fooled them into opening the letter or they will toss it away. Just another letter from someone who wanted to talk to them.

IMHO it needs to be white and as thins as possible so the receiver can see the yellow paper… Hand address them and use a normal stamp…

The outside of the envelope and the letter must be written using the same style of handwriting and same style of pen… So when you buy pens buy a couple boxes of them.

What the letter says is the next most important thing to consider… And like Fadi mentioned you don’t want to fool your reader too much…

Finally who the letter is from is the last moment you’ll have to embed into the minds of the reader… Pick your words carefully…

Michael Quarles

Hello all, when sending a yellow letter out. Do you tell the people you want to buy their home? If yes, great, if not, what are you telling them. Obviously, this is the best time to have hard money and or investors looking to buy. Thank you for your help here.

Depends on what kind of prospect it is…

I am running into problems here and for the record, i am new. I get the phone to ring. But I must be telling these people something that is not right, cause basically I feel like I have consulted them when I hang up. I have no problem consulting, however, I would like to make some deals. I am trying to SS
Any suggestions, I welcome all!
Thank you

make sure that they know that you are interested in buying thier house and procced to get the info on it. Just ask them if they are interested in selling also let themknow right up front that you intention si to make a profit and ask them if that is some thing they would have a problem with .Basically I try to put every thing up front that might blow the deal just to prevent any miscommunication later on.

Another thing you can do to increase your chances of the prospect opening your letter is to put some kind of stamp (i.e. IMPORTANT, TIME-SENSITIVE, etc.) on the envelope.


I wouldnt put that message on a Yellow or “Mary” letter… At most write “Hi” on the envelope. These letters are to appear as though Aunt Margret sent it.

Michael Quarles