Yellow Letter sample needed

Where can I get sample of yellow letter
and or a company that makes them in bulk
but would still allow my personal touch

novice investor itching patiently for my first real deal and
I’m ready to get my phone ringing

Any :help appreciated


I think you will benefit better when you are unique in your marketing. If you are planning to market to pre-foreclosure candidates, keep in mind they get dozens of “bulk” junk mailings, if your marketing isn’t different your chances of getting them to open it will be very minimal. There are some great people out there that are pros in marketing.

My marketing budget is limited , and from what I understand and have read it’s just another avenue
Do you have statistics on a better avenue ?

it’s not so much the letter but the packaging and then the content .

Door knock or phone call is your best best. I receive tons of business because of my approch and being different from all the others. Too many used car sellsmen out there. i talk to more people that have been served around 1 month prior to and they are a lot more receptive - most people take the fresh leads - i on the other hand have better luck with the older ones - be persistent, be creative, be professional and you will get the business over the competition

@urban investor,
Many investors rush and buy the wrong inventory, just because they cant wait or because they dont have a business model.
I am not sure where you are located, but your marketting will depend on your business model and what you are confortable with, personally, I don’t like door knocking. Are you interested in flipping, rehabs, short sales, REOs, absents, probates, hold/rentals? Study your area, buy what sells best and remember you make your profit when you buy, not when you sell; so buy well. If you want to do “yellow letters” to NODs, make the message simple and plan to mail to the same prospect several times, the response rate on this is very low <5%, but it may be better if its personalized… Bulk may work for postcards, but again, the contents depends on who you want to target.

I’m in Mass. area
right now the market is such that unless you can buy very low not much profit flipping not impossible but not much as far as profits go

Thanks for the reinfporcement on what I have obatined and heard before
sometimes we can’t reenforce enough

I have and am still developing my plan of attack
so right now I’m adding to my arsenal because my attack will be with multi aproach with the best workig it’s way to the top of my marketing list

So the letter will just add to this . I have many ideas on packaging and getting letter read and in the door

I 'll find a copy and mass produce
I’ll let you know the outome


have you used it at all ?

He is selling you on using his service

Urban investor,

I do short sales in Mass and I only market via yellow letters. They have worked very well for me w/ a high response rate.

They are a pain to put together but it is worth it in the end. I send out 250 letters a week. I will typically get around 50 calls off of them. Keep in mind that some of the responses are not positive.

I have found that the negative response from direct marketing far exceeds the positive. Try internet marketing, I get a much better response from that!

We have been using a handwritten yellow letter for over three years with fabulous results. The key seems to be to let them know that you can help them save your house. Over 95% of people in foreclosure believe that they can save their home. Remeber the sole purpose of the letter is to get them to call you. So make sure that you empasize that you have programs to help them save their home and if that does not work you can buy their home for a fair price.

Remember they do not necessarily have to qualify for your home saver program. In fact they probably won’