Yellow letter marketing??

How do you go about setting up a yellow letter campaign?? I guess what im trying to find out is whats needed??

Do you order the yellow letters pre-written and have the company you order them from send the letters to you and you mail them out or does the yellow letter company mail them out to your list for you?

Also as a side question to those who have used listsource, are you able to download or print off the list you purchase or do you just have access to the list while online?

Lastly, the information you get from listsource or wherever you get your list from, how do you go about transferring the name and address to the yellow letter you are mailing out?? I know its a lot of questions and what im asking may be a bit confusing but any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys…

May I suggest you go visit ft/ and you will find all the answers to your questions about marketing yellow letters as well as other areas of real estate aspects. Good luck!