Yellow Letter Campaign

It seems like some people on here are having success with the yellow letter campaign. I have a list of pref oreclosures and wanted to do a mailing. I was hoping someone who has has success with this could describe what they put on the letter, what size envelope they use and if they send the same letter multiple times to the each person on the list. Any advice would be helpful.

My whole foreclosure business was built on truly handwritten yellow letters. The key to getting people to call you is to tell they that you can either help them save their home, buy their home or lend them the money, if they qualify, to bring their mortgage current.

Actually I have had to curtail my yellow letter campaign due to the overwhelming response I was getting from pre-foreclosures in the Florida market. These people are so upside down there is nothing I can do with them. The old question " Would you sell me your home for what your owe?" is no longer valid.

Thanks Dick. Do you put a return address on the envelope?


You’re not doing short sales on them?


I just sent out a whole batch-load to MLS expireds and f/c’s today, coincidentally.

Put them in pastel colored invitation envelopes (4"x5"), quarter folded.

DO NOT seal envelope, just tuck the back in.

Use a 1st class US stamp

Return label should only have your address on it, no name.

It needs to look like a personal INVITATION or else it will get tossed. All hand-written.

Just had 750 yellow letters go out to 60/90 day Mortgage lates. :cool

Hoping for a great response. I’ll give an update next week. :beer

Thanks everyone! I’m sending out my first mailing this week. I’m sure your help will get me a better response.

HOLY SMOKES…these things are gold!

I just sent out 4 of these to expired listings and I got two calls already! LOLOLOLOL

I used one of those fancy schmancy Gold-leaf pens (Pilot’s “Gold Marker”) to address the envelope so it looks like a wedding invite! :biggrin


(update: my entire Nov 10th mailing above didn’t really go out until yesterday, and only 4 of them to test!!! The rest of my mailings to expired will go out in phases so I don’t get swampped!)

Can someone please explain what is a Yellow letter?

Handwritten letter with handwritten address on the envelope with a live stamp to appear as a personal letter. The basic idea behind it is that people tend to throw away anything that resembles company mailing or solicitation. Making it appear as if it is personal makes people open it up and read it to see who is it from. Some believe the yellow paper also grabs their attention so they use yellow notepad paper.

thanks for the info

Yeah, the psychological aspects of Yellow letter’s can be pretty darn powerful. It’s amazing how radical the results are with your own hand writing :biggrin.

Remember, there are THREE important parts to any direct mail campaign:

  1. Getting the mailing opened

  2. Getting the mailing READ

  3. Getting the receiver to TAKE ACTION!

A well-written letter, created to GENERATE LEADS, will score a better result over a letter that simply says " I want to buy your house".

Keep your eye on your goal: You can get the phone to ring all day long with unqualified leads who will waste your time.

How do you guys get the expired listing’s list ? Do you get it from the brokers?

It has to come from a member of the MLS… Typically a Realtor but an agent can have access to the MLS without being a Realtor…

Well out of 40 mailings I got 11 responses. Over 25%!


Definitely worth it.

hey there, I am wanting to do a yellow letter campaign here very soon. i was wondering if any of you know if theres a program that will auto fill peoples name and address into the yellow letter from a list (in a spreadsheet) i have purchased? I have purchased a nice handwritten font that i am going to use for my yellow letters. i was just wondering if i could save myself a lot of time with some sort of auto fill program? thanks

MS Word does it, lookup in the helpfile under merge or mail merge

I talked to an investor yesterday who swears by these, so I’m getting started. We’re going to be in areas outside of Austin, but also send to vacant owners in a niche area in Austin.

Every single investor, or maybe 95% of them that use it, swear by it.

I never put their name or address on the letter… You dont need to… Just put it on the envelope and that will be enough…

Mary Letters (yellow) should only be one of three types of mail you send…

By the way I actually have a program that does all of the mail tasks for me… Perty cool software…

Michael Quarles