Yeah its that easy!

The thing I see day after day after day is how hard people really make this Real estate investing! The thing about is THINK SIMPLE the answer is always right there looking right at you! Everybody just makes it harder then it really needs to be. I have been doing this now for ten plus years! If you name it I have either done it or helped someone else do it! I turned 30 in December had a car accident was out of commision for a few months! And suddenly it dawned on me I had 87 rentals a cash flow of over 22k per month and 15-20% equity in my properties so I carried notes and sold 20 of them I now have 8k a month in just notes. So my wife (whom I call the smart one) told me to just get a job and relax so I sold motorcycles for a week and a half. I now relize I can not work for anyone I laughed at the manager that told me if I put in 70 hours a week I could make 8k per month he told me he could fire me for that so I told him to back it up with a check! So there I was 30 and not fit for work I now am enjoying the summer with my kids and really thinking about starting another business. I built all of this in just 5 years. the deals are out there. If not maybe I will just retire and work at McDonalds if I start now I might be lead fry cook by Christmas.
anyway good luck to all of you and happy investing

Still pimpin I see…you big tease! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on your successes ;D

I must be one of those who are making it harder than need be. :slight_smile:

It’s been so hard mentally just to jump off and get started. But I am getting tired of talking…action is the next step. The Desire has always been there.,


Yeah, it has definitely been hard for me to get started in this thing! I know it is the way to go (RE Investing), but can’t seem to find anything ‘staring me in the face’. I think part of my problem is always second guessing myself thinking there’s got to be something I’m missing…

I guess I’ll start soon enough! I live in MD and am going to start looking in TX since that’s where we want to end up and MD area is CRAZY EXPENSIVE!

Hey JC…

The first step is the hardest. I remember the first phone call I made I was nervous as heck! From what I know about you you have been doing tons of reading and educating yourself. Trust what you know and JUMP!! What the crap are you scared of??!! I wish you all the luck and remember after the first few deals it gets easier and easier. GO GET EM!


Great advice Jared don’t you agree it is that easy after a few deals

Yeah check the keyword:


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Fears for most people:

  1. Being rejected.
  2. Talking to others.
  3. Being in a situation they know little or nothing about.
  4. Making a mistake


  1. Who cares. If you are being rejected it means you are doing your job RIGHT. If people just said “sure thing” often, you are screwing yourself.

  2. Well, you have to talk to others sorry. Just remember that they are people like you and most are in the same or worse situation. I mean, who is working to BUY a property? You or them?

  3. Just do it. That first deal can be scary. You are filled with all sorts of mumbo jumbo others have told you about how cold the water in the pool is. You will soon realize most is BS.

  4. Mistakes happen. Simply read up all you can and educate yourself then go for it. Remember to not let your heart get in the way of your mind. I happen to believe that for those buying and holding, real estate is one of the most forgiving investments. Buy a little high? Hold it and you will come around. Also don’t let money be your sole motivator. Start with something small and easy for the novice. Don’t go out trying to score some super rehab deal on your first go round.

Most people sit on the side of the road and speculate about something they have never tried. How foolish is that?

In closing, never base your life or what you are doing solely on what OTHER PEOPLE have done or are doing. What worked or did not work for them may not apply to you at all.

That would be like a person buying a rental property because they have this friend that bought a 2nd home, rented it out, and had problems–therefore rental property is a bad idea. Negativity is bliss.


That was the best encouragement! I needed that. I am very eager, but at the same time fearful. And just not all sure about what steps I need to take.

Currently I’m taking classes and doing alot of ready. So hopefully I will feel comfortable enough soon to take the first step and go for!

Had to tell you all about this deal I just buttoned up this lady was border line on if she should sell her house to us. So I called this lady that was totally upset and crying about loosing her house. So after talking to her for 10-15 min. I told her I would throw in a box of tissues and let her stay in her house for a month free.We both laughed and I got the deal YEAH ITS THAT EASY!!

I don’t care what anyone else says about you…Thats so sweet of you! :-*


I thought in NY people paid CRAZY RENT! But then again the home values are crazy!!

To give an example I bought the house I live in here in Colorado for 202k 3000sf 4 bed almost a year and a half ago (bank owned at the time my appraiser said 275k or so) it is now worth 355k! The only thing we did is paint!!

We are now moving I think to another on 22 acres that appraised at 1.4 million 9 bed 8 bath 9600sf that I bought for 799k

Just be Different dont follow the crowd

Also remember, values are based on what the buyer is willing to pay! The buyer sets the price.

And what the seller accepts I had a Neighbor that I really disliked so I sold my house 55k below market

Was he selling his? Was it a slow market? You agreed on the price so therefore the buyer set the price.

A few months ago a nice old lady was selling her home, it was a larger home in the nice part of town. Most of the homes in town sell for about 150K-225K, because they were smaller and had smaller lots. Her home was a larger model, larger lot in good condition. She was the original owner. She paid about 40K for it in the early 1960’s. She had it on the market for 299K. Remember this was one of the more expensive homes in a marginal school system. A young couple offered her 279K, she turned them down, she thought she was getting ripped off. Hey the realtor guy told me it was 299K, why would I take 279K, thinking. The young couple bought a similar home down the street that took their offer of 279K. She later realized she should have took the offer, cause it was her only one.

Since then she lowered her price down to 270K, no takers yet. The house needed a little updating and a guy who could paint. She hired a painter to freshen it up, but he must have been a blind guy because where their shouldn’t have been paint was painted and what needed paint wasn’t. I never seen such a bad paint job. Sometimes it is better to take the money and run.

It always works that way. If I was selling Pens for a 100 dollars but people only are will to pay a dollar each, then I am going to have to lower my price. The buyer always sets the price.

So let’s say I just bulk bought 25 bank owned properties (which I do) for say 70 cent’s on the dollar so for basic numbers just bought 25 houses that appraise at 2,500,000.00 for 1,750,000 so I came to you and said I have a house that appraises at 100k and I will sell it to you at 75k you would still try to bring down the price! No you would not so I just made the price as the seller! The real prob. is that people just want too much for there properties! So if you have a seller that is motivated they can make the price right?

So reoconcultants, what has been your most efficient means of acquiring properties at the best price (mailings, courthouse records, lis pendis, etc)?
Would you share your letter and postcard wording.
Thank You