Yeah finding bird dogs can be a pita

One of the guys responding wanted to know why we don’t have a database so I can guarantee his leads are his and no one else’s. The focus on some of these people are crazy. Got to love the natural sceptic who talks himself out of opportunities not into them. I’ve got two more promising candidates though so we will see how they turn out.

Well now there rolling in. Got a few hopefuls but I mean if I can get one deal out of this bunch it’s a win! :deal

Well I yanked my add in Craigslist yesterday. Got a huge response but not a single person worth there salt. I will run it again in a few weeks and see what comes up.

I may have spoken to soon… A bird dog of the name Ashley sent me 8 addresses today. Maybe she will work out who knows…

I know this is a bit of a long shot but I would be interested in helping you out. I will be working full time again in another week so I would only be able to look for deals after work and drive around on weekends. I was finding deals for a family friend while I was staying in Florida last month. I didn’t know what this process was called until I stumbled on to these forums. Out of the 10 addresses I gave my family friend, he ended up purchasing two. I even sent over analyzed deals for him to work with. Not as many deals as you do, probably. But I’d be interested in helping out if I could. Don’t want to waste your time but definitely curious to know if I could give this a go for you. I’m located in the LA, CA area.