X-RE Investor looking to get back in chicgao/rockford (and suburbs) market..

GREAT TIMES are coming… The bubble is in process… $$$$

Looking to network/hookup with honest our folks in Chicago area… There is enough deals to be had and looking for long term Real Estae relationship… I can’t believe this amazing opportunity… Been self employed since 1988… 44yrs-Married with no kids… I spend lots of time researching the markets… My online mail-order import/export business runs itself and i have much time to work with others…

I work full-time with my own mail order business now and looking to get back into this GOLDMINE market… About 20 years ago wife (girlfriend at that time) and I use to be a Section 8 landlords and looking to get back into it again… I also was one of those guys that use to run some Get Rich Quick ads in magazines for my “stuff”… That was over 10 years ago (became burnt out because folks want $$$ handed to them - none wanted to work)…

I am a born salesman and my expertise is in marketing… About ten years ago i was in the process of getting my RE license but let it laspe… I passed the course with a 98 but had no time to take state exam… I am willing to take again for extra profits and as a refresher… !!!

Looking forward in meeting some new friends and colleagues

Make sure you check out your local REI clubs. It’s a great place to start building a network.