Hey everyone,

I’ve been in contact with a rep for www.rehablist.com regarding buying rights to my county here in TN.

I’m curious too hear others who have partnered with rehablist–good & bad.

They want $1400 a month (min 3 month commitment). That basically gets you fist rights to all “new” listings, one on one coaching, contracts to use, etc.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Happy Investing,

gerbak01 :biggrin

I do not like to commit to an amount of money without a guaranteed return. They offered me $800/month to be the only realtor advertised for my county on their site but offered no numbers to back it up.

If their service is worth the money, they should not require min commitment and should base it per lead not flat fee.

They tried to get me for $6K ($2000/mo). Just called out of the blue. No proof of return, nothing. Just “give us $6000 and we’ll get you the list first for your area.” Uh, ok, where do I sign? Sorry, call me a skeptic.

What a joke. What makes them think they can charge that much for their service? Do people really pay?