WV no title seasoning cash out refi

Hello all,
I just came across the forum and have to say I’m blown away by all the good info on here!

So I have a rental in Belmont, WV that I bought Aug 4th of 2016 with all cash. I rehabbed it and now have it rented. I am all in for 36,000 and am looking for a refinance of about 60/65,000 which should put me around 70% ltv. Anyone know a broker that has a program that Will work for me with a mid 600 credit score and only 3 or 4 months of title seasoning? Thanks for reading!


 I would look online for a mortgage broker in West Virginia, in any big city able and familiar with refinances in the state! Your seasoning is fine as your only required to have ownership for 90 days of seasoning to refinance. 

The appraisal will indicate exactly what 70% LTV represents but hope it fit’s your needs and works for your scenario!

Good luck,