WTB: Ron Legrand's Mega Mortgage & Private Lending Cours

Anybody have Mega Mortgage & Private Lending for High Profits that they would like to sell (or loan)?

Any feedback from anyone who has taken the course?



Did you get any private responses for this? These courses have also been on my watch list for a while, but as of yet, I don’t own them.

If you do get some feedback, please share. Thanks.

I haven’t heard any opinions from anyone who has done the course, but I did see the course and the book for sale on ebay.

I got a lot out of another course of Ron Legrand’s, so I expect that this one will be helpful as well–I’d just like to get a thumb’s up from someone before I buy it! I’ll share anything I hear.


This is the first time I’ve heard of this product before. Although I’m a little young, is it an older product. I’m interested to see if anyone ever found any information on this one.

Wow, you pulled up a post that was 7 years old. That is amazing. I would wager that laws and governance as to both taking loans as well as giving/recording them have changed in 7 years. So, my suggestion would be to look for a more up to date item.