wrote program to find absentee owners.

Hi everyone. First off. I am finding the definition of absentee owners may be different. Basically to me they are landlords. So I am curious if anyone has and luck sending mail to them? I wrote this programs. Yes I am a computer geek… Anyway I wrote this program to parse the tax records off the PDF the state puts on their web site. I then take the address from that, along with the property number and do a web scrape (that grabs the text from an html page) and compare the 2 addresses from the property number. If they are different, I grab the address and throw it into a comma delimited text file to be imported into my letter program I wrote. Kinnda cool huh. Well anyway. I kinda got off track. My original question is "Does anyone have any luck sending mail to these people. Sorry about the rambling. I am pretty juiced about this.

I have found that it’s hit or miss, like anything.

On the one hand, if the owner is out of state and only has the one property that Aunt Betty left him and it’s in disrepair and the tenant just quit…you get the idea…that’s probably a great prospect.

However, I am finding that most non-owner occupieds (especially in state) are investors with more than one property. They are not going to give away their investments at a discount.

You’ll get calls from owners saying, “I was not planning on selling, but go ahead and make me an offer.” They’re looking for a retail number, though, and if they can’t get it, they will hang on.

Overall, though, I think this is fertile ground.

Anyone else have any luck with this?

No, but I wish I had your PC skills.


Ha. Ya know the more I get into REI, the more I keep hooking different parts into my personal program. Maybe I should sell the darn thing. Or maybe sell a service to pull those names out for other people.

There is absolutely more than a little validity to this. When there’s a gold rush, some miners will get rich, and others will go broke. But the man who sells pick axes and shovels…he makes money all day long.

Totally agree,

I am having a bud I went to college with write a program that takes the names from an export Lis Pendens file from Florida counties and then finds thier addresses from the tax records…

He said it sucks because it is in AJAX or something, but again, selling the picks and shovels…